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Each router has a default username and password, and you should change these the moment you start configuring yours.

If the router’s  password is either unchanged common or weak, a stranger might be able to reconfigure the router and wipe out all your other security measures, making them useless.

Tips to Create Strong Password

  • Always use combination of letters (upper and lower case), numbers, and ASCII symbols in your passwords to make guessing them more difficult.
  • Avoid using family member’s names, birthdates or common words which are known to friends and neighbours.Try using H4Ck3r $L4nG (hacker slang) to mask common words
  • Do make it a habit to change your passwords frequently
  • Write it on a paper and store is some where safe, to make sure you don’t miss the password.

Default passwords such as “admin” are the easiest to crack, so try to use a good mix of numbers and characters to be on the safe side.