UMobile seen quiet lately, has introduced the latest broadband packages are among the latest yesterday. From only one package before this, now UMobile offers three broadband packages, and a package of data plan.


New packages offered by UMobile Broadband offers speeds up to 384 kbps to 3.6 mpbs. Interestingly if you are not a hardcore Internet user, you can take cheapest RM10 package which allows you to use up to 100MB of data. However, UB10 package valued at RM10 only offered to mobile users only. At the same time, UMobile Broadband also offers packages UB20 and UB40 which respectively bring the speed up to 1.0 mbps.


For using UMobile that use more than the permitted use of the data, they will be charged at the rate of use of a paltry RM0.01 per KB.

At RM 68 for laptop or mobile you can get unlimited data allowance which is the best package offered compare to other provider.