Everyone wants to find the next big thing when it comes to online businesses. But in truth, there are few ‘new’ ideas anymore – but this shouldn’t discourage you at all. What you will want to do is something that hasn’t been explored as frequently, and here are six original ideas that you can use. Of course, if you can put your own spin on these ideas, that will make you stand out all the more.

Weight Loss Coaching

Some of the biggest weight loss support groups already have these weight loss coaching services available as a part of their memberships. However, what is lacking from these websites is the ability for the sites to be custom tailored to each user. It’s simply not possible. So, if you create a website that gives the user exactly what they need in terms of their weight loss efforts, you can offer more than the ‘big guys’ can. Try offering the ability to get daily support emails or perhaps help with goal setting for the week. You can even create an emergency line that users could call if they needed support.

Book Swapping

The growth of the DVD swapping services has shown that people like to get their entertainment delivered to them. But there’s still room in this market for more similar online businesses. Why not create a website that allows people to post books they own and that they can share with others? For a monthly fee, a member can sign up to see what’s available and the owner of the book could send the book to you and then you could send it to the requestor. When you have the book owners send all the books to you, you will save money and you will get access to far more books than you might have on your own.

Design Your Own Skincare

People love it when they can customize their experience. If you’re already well-versed in creating beauty products from scratch, you could offer to make customized beauty products for customers. If not, you might also want to offer consultations (for a fee) to customers and then suggest other products that would work well for their skin type, even going so far as to order the products as requested.

Gift Baskets

Everyone needs a gift at the last minute or they simply need something that they can bring to a party or to a holiday gathering. By creating customized gift baskets, you can cash in on this need, plus save your customers time and money at the same time. Have them pay for the items in the basket as well as the other costs, but then add on a service fee to profit from the venture.

Personal Assistant Services

We are all too busy these days, so why not create a business website that helps people out? You can create a calendar for your clients that will allow them to see whether they need you to rearrange certain things or to call others to cancel appointments. You might want to charge on a per task basis, or you could work out a number of hours that you would be available for the week – and then charge accordingly.

Dinner Planner

For those that simply don’t want to take the time to plan healthy meals, you might want to start a service that creates menus and shopping lists for your clients. This will allow them to simply pay a fee each month for customized meal plans that allow them to free up their personal time.

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