I dont know about you, but being able to get online on the internet where ever you go is the current thrend rite now. No matter you are on the bus, at the beach or at the rural area as long as you get a 3G connection than you facebook is on your hand.

This 2010 will be the year of mobile broadband.Google and Microsoft will focus on mobile application to attract new user to stick with their products.




Cradlepoint has introduce a mobile brandband router that is cheap and user friendly. Its a plugin stuff, simply connect and use USB connection.More importantly, its small and easy to carry. So you can show to your friend how up to date you are.


The CTR350 Mobile Broadband Travel Router is a full-featured wireless 802.11b/g router developed to be a plug ‘n’ play solution. Simply connect an activated USB modem, plug in the CTR350 and turn the unit on. Within seconds you will have a secure WiFi network for up to 16 WiFi enabled devices. (3G Only)


About the size of a deck of cards (the smallest router in its class), the CTR350 can go with you anywhere.  Enjoy the convenience of taking WiFi with you – never search for a hotspot, pay high daily access fees, or risk a non-secure connection again. 


This high-performance router platform, powered by WiPipe™ technology, supports multiple and concurrent VPN pass-through sessions, plus encryption modes including 64/128-bit WEP, WPA and WPA2.  Additionally, built-in auto-failover keeps everyone online switching from wired to wireless broadband access in the event of a wired ISP failure.

Overall, we can say that it easy to configure ,wide range of advanced routing options, simple browser setup and small size plus cheap.

There is some issues with multiple machines and no documentation in the box. Believe me you won’t like the speed that you get when sharing a 1.2mbps with 11 other people. So setup wisely.

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