quad9 DNS

Quad9 DNS

Domain Name Servers (DNS) are like internet phonebook, Where they store domain name IP address. Human use name but computer and server use number to access a website.

My favourite DNS platform is Google DNS, Because here in Turkey even Livescore.com dan Wikipedia is blocked. I don’t know why. I can go to Livescore but not Wikipedia. The censorship for Wikipedia just too strong.

Quad9 Protect from Malicious Domains

Now we have new DNS platform Quad9 to ensure user internet security and privacy. This new DNS was launched by Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) IBM and Packet Clearing House.

Its main purpose is to prevent a user from browsing known malicious domain, malware or phishing website and other dangerous domain.  Quad9 will check the site against the IBM X-Force threat intelligence of over 40 Billion analyzed web pages and images.

Quad9 is free to use and no personal data is stored.

How to Set Up Quad9 in Your Computer

Apple MAC



Other DNS Platform that we can use:-

  1. Google Public DNS server. http://code.google.com/speed/public-dns/
  2. Open DNS. http://opendns.com/

  3. Norton DNS server. https://dns.norton.com/dnsweb/dnsForH…

  4. Comodo secure DNS. http://www.comodo.com/secure-dns/

  5. DNS Advantage. http://dnsadvantage.com/

Source: https://www.quad9.net