Laptop Battery Basics and Usage Tips

Laptop battery is very much essential for the usage of laptop, because without battery it is not possible to use it on the move, as it requires a power outlet. So as a main accessory for the usage of the laptop, the battery must be in a good condition and work...

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Are You a Spammer?

by Kara Kelso This is one of those topics which never goes away. No matter how many times the subject comes up, it's not long until we are spammed. The following are general guidelines to follow.It's NOT acceptable to: - Email your entire address book ads- Forget...

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Do You Need A Niche? by Jenn Givler

    One of the first things you must do for your business is define your target market. I hear business owners tell me all the time that “anyone can use their products,” or “they don’t want to narrow down their customer base by excluding groups of people.” I...

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Fibre for your kids

Do you get enough fibre? No..then apparently you're the exception.A recent survey by the Gut Foundation found that only one in ten children currently has a high-fibre breakfast cereal or even one piece of fruit a day. And that's not setting up good habit for later...

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E-mail Etiquette – readers digest

  Dos and Don'ts Don't use CAPITAL LETTERS-it's the equivalent of shouting Don't send emotionally charged messages.If you wouldn't say it to the recipient's face,don't send it Don't e-mail confidential material.It could end up in the wrong hands.Send a letter...

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