In conjunction with Euro 2008 Footbal Tournament in Austria-Switzerland this June. I and my friend Mr Right from will host a contest just for fun. Euro Football Tournamnet is once in 4 years so why not make it happening and a lil football crazy . I know a...

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Marketing Asia

Image via Wikipedia Jika anda melihat seorang gadis cantik di sebuah pesta lalu anda menghampirinya dan berkata, "Aku adalah orang kaya.. kahwinlah dengan aku." Itu adalah DIRECT MARKETING. Jika anda berada di sebuah pesta dengan kawan-kawan anda dan bertemu dengan...

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Identify your Adsense Clicker

Intro : As a blogger you should aware that other blogger, internet marketer, IT Guy or webmaster won’t click your ad rite. So true, because they know that you will earn some money hehe. It is important to identify who will come in to your website and click your...

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My Google Adsense PIN number

Yesterday, finally after waiting for nearly 2 weeks I received my Google Adsense Pin Number. After key in the pin number, I am eligible to get payment from Google. Maybe a few months after this hehe Well my income from Google Adsense is not that to proud of. But I am...

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Online Banking Safety Tips

  My first experience with online banking is with Maybank2u back at 2002. At first, it was a big doubt to pay all your bills using online until a friend of mine thought me how to use it. I have a bad experience using Maybank2u to pay my Takaful Insurance. I paid...

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