Tips to Increase Broadband Celcom Speed

Run a Speed Test : There is a few tips if your broadband internet is slow but still do not exceed your internet quota. First, check your broadband speed. You can check your internet speed by clicking "Broadband Speed Tester" You can see from the speed result if it is...

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How to Subscribe to Celcom WiFi

Speed and connectivity are things that we require nowadays especially when we are away from our house and WiFi connection. If you think your mobile internet is not sufficient, maybe Celcom WiFi can help. What is Celcom WiFi Celcom WiFi is basically a wireless Internet...

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How To Reduce Mobile Data Usage

As we all know, more and more Android application requires a lot of mobile data network, and more data means more money. Mobile data is either charged per MB use, or added in as part of your monthly payment.  There will be a certain limit cap included in your plan....

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Share 3G with Mobile Broadband Router

I dont know about you, but being able to get online on the internet where ever you go is the current thrend rite now. No matter you are on the bus, at the beach or at the rural area as long as you get a 3G connection than you facebook is on your hand. This 2010 will...

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The New UMobile Broadband Plan

UMobile seen quiet lately, has introduced the latest broadband packages are among the latest yesterday. From only one package before this, now UMobile offers three broadband packages, and a package of data plan. New packages offered by UMobile Broadband offers speeds...

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Celcom Broadband Prepaid is in town

What is Celcom Broadband Prepaid Celcom Broadband Prepaid is like a normal 3G services that brings you a high speed mobile Internet access with no monthly commitment.So no montly bill in fact with Celcom Broadband, whether you’re at home or away, you get: • The WIDEST...

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