Good news for business owner who want to save for phone bills for their staff. New business plan by Celcom will save you from headache. I used to get phone allowance for RM150 per month and  have to answer office/boss call even after office hours.


 Celcom Business have three plans.

  1. Celcom Business S  – 100 GB Internet – Unlimited Calls & SMS (to all networks) – 5 Complimentary lines Only for RM 490 per month
  2. Celcom Business M  – 550 GB Internet – Unlimited Calls & SMS (to all networks) – 25 Complimentary lines Only for RM 2300 per month
  3. Celcom Business L  – 1.1 TB Internet – Unlimited Calls & SMS (to all networks) – 50 Complimentary lines Only for RM490 per month
Celcom Business Plan 2017

Celcom Business Plan 2017

 These plans are quite straightforward. For small company, i think 5 lines with 100 GB internet should be enough. Nowadays, user prioritized internet and coverage.

I think it is wise also to use Celcom business Plan for your family. Average RM100 per line for 20GB. The choice is yours. If your family like to download movie, streaming video, upload thousand of selfie pictures to the instagram. Believe me, this plan is for you.

For business owner who wants to add one more line. You can add RM 70 per line with extra 5GB internet. If you want to add one more line but just to share internet only. Come on, 100 GB internet for 5 persons is too much. Who download movie using office internet haha. You can do so by add RM 20 per line.

Unlimited calls and SMS features seem to be attractive. But who text nowdays. With Whatsapp you can even video call. I remember once, I use Whatsapp to communicate with my technical vendor in Franc to help me repair equipment on ship.

Please refer Celcom for more info.