Then I got a call from my long forgotten teenage sweetheart. She was married and had two children. It was clear she wanted to rekindle our romance. She wanted to meet, but I refused.”I can’t forget you,” she said.”I think about you every day.”

Suddenly,everything became clear this was exactly how I felt about Khin Khin. I had spent my entire married life dreaming about my first love,even though she didn’t love me. In a way, thinking about her had become my daily meditation. Fortunately, there was still time to change.

Nwe Nwe and I had been together 25 years. Had I neglected our marriage for that long? As I became more thoughtful towards her, I realized that our marital disharmony had calmed down. we no longer disagreed about so many things, and hostilities between my wife and my mother had eased.

We started to open up to each other.One night in bed, Nwe Nwe touched my hand and said,”your hands are soft and smooth.But mine are not, you see ?”

It was true.Her pals were coarse and her fingers were calloused, the result of decade of housework.I was filled with regret that I hadn’t done more to care for her.

I finally began showing her the love she deserved. On her birthdays, which she had long stopped remembering, I started buying her gifts.Whenever I traveled to Rangoon, I would return with kimono and other clothes for her.

I have finally woken up from the dreams of my first love. I no longer dwell on the past.Instead, i focus on a meaningful present and I am helping to build a prosperous future for our children.

I am sure that I will eventually fulfil my dream of returning to my old university and to the hospital where I was an intern. But it will be with my family. It will be my pleasure to introduce this part of my life to my dear wife and long-neglected children. Although my youthful dreams will never come true, I am finally satisfied with what I have.