Sometimes the heart takes unexpected turns | by Aung Linn

Almost 30 years ago, Khin Khin Lay and I were medical students in the town of Mingaladon,17 kilometers north of the capital Yangon, then called Rangoon. We were together all the time-attending lecturers and tutorial classes, doing l;abaratory experiemnts and studying bedside cases.

Khin Khin was an oriental beauty with fair complexion and black hair. She was vicacious, sociable and smart. I on the other hand, was quiet,gentle and lonely, having only a few intimate friends. She was constantly wooed by admirers, but i was not among them My parents were poor and my uncle paid my university fees. Having to meet their expectations, I had no time for romance.

In our final year, she became engaged to a doctor who was just about to go to ENgland for further study.

After our final year, Khin Khin and I became interns at North Okkalarpa General Hospital.The work was’nt as demanding as our studies had been, and we spent more time together.Icould feel a profpund attachment froming between us, but I also felt uneasy because she had a fiance.

One day, as we watched a movie together, I lightly touched her hand.To my surprise,she squeeezed my fingers.Later,at her sister’s a[partment in the capital, we feel into each other’s arms. “I really love you,” I said
“Me too”she replied

I returned to my room, thinking many happy days were still ahead.A week later,Khin Khin handed me a letter,”My fiancee is coming back soon,”it said. “Though I love you so much.I can’t marry you.Let’s stay away from each other.”