Intro : As a blogger you should aware that other blogger, internet marketer, IT Guy or webmaster won’t click your ad rite.


So true, because they know that you will earn some money hehe. It is important to identify who will come in to your website and click your ad. People will click your ad if he or she does not know at all about Google Adsense. Nowadays, every home in Malaysia is equipped with broadband Internet. Just name it Streamyx from TM, wireless broadband from Maxis Broadband or Celcom .People even use a dial up to connect to Internet since every house at least own a pc. So there is a big opportunity for us grab this increasing traffic.

Our main target here is people who has less information about making money online and use Internet probbably use only for chatting or check email. From teenagers to adults, the best way is to suite their needs in searching for content. Just look at house wife or women , they will probably looking for gossip, artist or even scandal and not forgetting handbags. Even government servant is a good source too since my wife is one of them. Just make some research on your family or friends behaviour on the internet, you might get some idea 🙂

Professional, teenagers and old citizens are a good deal too.Just like in CSI or Criminal Minds drama, to catch the killer you must think like one.

Local Keyword

It is also critical to find the right KEYWORD for your website. So that your website can be high in search ranking. One thing that we should consider, local keyword is more important since your are competing all over the world. So my advice just forget about keyword like making money online,online money, high traffic and all other famous traffic because for sure they are millions blogger /website that use such keyword. Concentrate on your local keyword and be really good at it.

If you want to write about Celebrities, don not write about international celebrities like Jennifer Lopez,Jessica Alba or Britney Spears…find your local artist . I write about Nana,Fasha Sanda and get more people searching for that keyword comes to my blog :). Easy isn’t it..

There is a malay saying that ”If you cannot be a whale in the open sea, just be the fastest fish in the paddy field” Hey nemo can swim fast too what haha, ok2 just get the idea ok

If you cannot compete in open market, just focus on your local first than we conquer the world ?

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