A wireless internet is one of the most advanced Internet technologies in today’s world and we all know that with improved technology comes greater responsibility and improved safety requirements. In toher words WiFi is everywhere now. Wired connection is so 90’s.

There is no doubt wireless internet is very powerful and reliable, but you also have to consider and fix the major safety issues that you may face. This post will give you some tips to help you protect your wireless broadband internet.

Make sure your Antivirus Has Until Date Posted

One major concern is the possibility of using wireless internet your computer is infected by a virus, a very fast wireless broadband internet and a lot of things can happen before you know it, you can download the wrong file even before you realize that you’re downloading the wrong file and the opportunity that most things that one would have been done before, you never thought to correct it.This situation can be very dangerous and difficult, and the best option is to make sure they never come.

The first step you should do before you ever start using any kind of internet connection (wireless or not) is to make sure you have antivirus installed, to take this step alone will help you solve more than 50% of security problems that you encounter with Internet connection Your wireless.

Make your hard Guess Security Button

Other people are very important measures, but ignored it should be done to secure their wireless broadband is a key encryption to ensure they are secure and difficult to guess. Make sure you avoid using generic names or the important things in your life and opportunities as your encryption key (such as your name, the name of your wife, your birth date, etc.), however, do our best to use solid-alphanumeric characters. You also need to make sure you use the latest encryption technology, for example, by using WPA2 encryption technology will be more effective than using WEP technology.

Restrict or Disable SSID Broadcast

A big mistake most Internet users do is enable the wireless SSID broadcast, some people even go so far as to use wireless Extenders to increase coverage of their wireless network without knowing that this could be a potential problem for their networks, but better safe than sorry.

Always make sure your wireless network is limited to broadcast signals in the home or office (or wherever you need it) and not more, or better, with disabilities. Doing this will ensure that no one can connect to your network, especially trying to hack it.