Cloning a Router’s WiFi is quite tricky. The easiest way is to push WPS button on Router and WiFi clone button on extender.

So before you try to clone your WiFi Setting, you need to understand the WiFi logo LED blinking signal.


If your router supports WPS, you can continue with the steps below to clone its current WiFi settings to the extender.

Tips: We recommend that you plug in the extender near your router for WiFi cloning.

  1. Press the WPS button for 2 secondswireless_router
  2. Within 2 minutes, press the WiFi Clone button for 1 second. blink_slowly
  3. Just wait for ten seconds till the Wi-Fi Clone LED is blinking quickly, which means the powerline adapter has successfully completed the Wi-Fi Clone process.
  4. Done. You can move the Extender to a suitable location.solid

Note : If the WiFi LED still blinks slowly for longer than 30 seconds, unplug the Extender and plug it back in, then try again.

How to Reset your Extender ?

With the extender powered on, use a pin to press and hold the Reset button until all LEDs go off.When the Power LED turns on and the WiFi LED starts to blink rapidly, the reset process is complete.

Router without WPS Button

If your modem router do not have WPS button, you can try connect to your extender wirelessly or ethernet cable.

  1. Find the ip address for the Extender. Refer to manual or box for ip adress of the extender
  2. For Air Ties 4430, ip address is
  3. You can also get connected by WiFi, AirTies4430
  4. When connected, open browser and go to ip address provided.
  5. You will be directed to admin homepage
  6. Follow the instruction given.
  7. If clone WiFi is successful, then your extender will have green light.
  • Note : Different brand have different ip address make sure you get it right.
  • If fail, please reset your extender and try again..