As we know WiFi internet connection is the best connection speed that we love to have. Celcom now offered WiFiPlus, a wireless Internet facility to all new/existing Celcom customers. With WiFiPlus, subscribers can get hassle-free WiFi service at selected public areas such as airport, shopping malls, public transportation centers, hotels, cafes and many other places.

All you need to subscribe to Celcom WiFi Plus : A wireless enabled device (laptop, tablet, smartphone) A valid WiFiPlus account To be in range of a WiFiPlus Zone

How to Subscribe to Celcom WiFi Plus

Step 1: SMS ‘ON WIFI’ sent to 22188
Step 2:  Select your preferred Wifi usage (‘WIFI DAILY’/ ‘WIFI WEEKLY’ / ‘WIFI MONTHLY’) and reply ‘WIFI YES’
Step 3: You’ll receive your WiFiPlus ID and Password
Step 4: You can start enjoying your WiFiPlus service

Celcom WiFi Plus Packages

WiFiPlus Packages ( Volume) Price
Daily (500 MB) RM 2
Weekly (2 GB) RM 8
Monthly (4 GB) RM 18
*WiFiPlus speed will be automatically throttled to 128 kbps once the volume assigned for WiFi is fully utilised.

How to Connect/Login to Celcom WiFi Plus

Step 1: Go to any WiFiPlus Zone.
Step 2: Turn on/enable Wireless Network Connection on your device.
Step 3: Select CelcomWiFi+
Step 4: Open internet browser
Step 5: Key in your WiFiPlus ID & Password at the login page, Click ‘Login’
Step 6: Successfully connected to Internet.
*You will need to key in your WiFiPlus ID and Password one time only through the login page as long as you are using the same device and the account is still active.


In order to ensure that you receive a safe, reliable and robust service, WiFiPlus encrypts your account details at login. We also advise you to make sure have up to date firewall and anti-virus software to protect against any attacks and which protects your data from being intercepted. You will find the option to disable cookies via your internet browser options. Note however that some web sites may not support this function.

WiFiPlus Zone is a designated area where customers who have valid WiFiPlus accounts can get connected to the service.

You can find WiFiPlus Zones here



You can enjoy FREE WiFiPlus if:

  • You are a Postpaid Customer with complimentary WiFiPlus (FIRST Elite/FIRST Gold/FIRST Blue/FIRST Basic 85/FIRST Basic 38)
  •  You subscribe to any Celcom Mobile Internet plans that offers complimentary WiFiPlus.