Every Telco holder claims that their network is fastest and reliable with 4G LTE. But how  we want to check if their claims is true?

4G LTE is a two terms terminology. 4G means the 4th generation of data technology for cellular networks. LTE stands for Long Term Evolution, that is for high speed data network for mobile and device.

When combine together, they make the fastest 4G service available today.4G LTE is 5-10 times faster than 3G network.

MAXIS 4G LTE Coverage

In order to get the fastest network you can check online your MAXIS network coverage.

  • Go to this website MAXIS 4G LTE Coverage
  • Share your location or type location that you want to travel
  • A map will show 4G LTE and 3G network coverage.

Make sure you have 4G LTE phone and 4G simcard to enjoy the fast data streaming online.

In case you want to check Celcom network coverage you can visit this website.

For DIGI, you can go to this website.

+ DIGI 4G LTE Coverage

If you can compare the three Telcos, clearly Maxis and Celcom have most 4G LTE coverage than DIGI. So the choice is yours.