A quick chat with ZeeVee, Inc’s CEO about the ZvBox future

The ZvBox is a promising little CE device that streams HD content over widely available coax cable. Unfortunately, the first version did work so well but Vic Odryna, CEO and overall nice guy, promises brighter roads ahead thanks to an update and the new commercial unit. 

The original ZvBox was one of the most buggy devices I have ever used but Vic said they have listened to all the negative reviews (including mine) and improved nearly everything. Mouse lag times have been improved, computer support increase, and the software updated which hopefully improves the experience. 

The new commercial unit is aimed at custom installers and commercial applications. This rack mountable version comes equipped with component video and digital audio jacks for even more support. Pricing will be set at $2500 when it becomes available which clearly shows this isn’t for the everyday geek.

Unfortunately, the company is sticking with its VGA hijacking for the video input and not offering an independent networking version which means that a dedicated computer will still probably be required. The ZvBox interface is solid and it would be a great platform for a set-top box that doesn’t directly rely on a computer for content. 

Hopefully the updates help out cause this box would be a killer system if it works well. I, for one, want it to work well.

ZeeVee ZvBox

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Best Product Name of CES 2009 Award goes to…

The gear these Austrian ladies are selling is pretty cool. It’s a bunch of straps and bags for all your gadgets that wrap around your body like a bandoleer. But what are they called? I’m glad you asked.


That’s right. URBAN TOOL. It’s such a great phrase. Peter Ha, for example, is an URBAN TOOL, especially if you take out the URBAN part.

“Hands on” with the Palm Pre

Seeing as everyone in the blogging world is scrambling to get up a Hands-on article on the Palm Pre, I’ll go ahead and say this now: if anyone claims to have gotten a true hands-on, they’re probably lying. We just got back from a post-announcement, closed doors Palm event where a handful of Pres were being demonstrated. While we could touch the phones, we couldn’t actually hold the phone, making it kinda tough to get a real sense of the phone’s weight and feel. Regardless, I still want one. Boy oh boy, do I want one. Read on for experiences. (Video is on the editing rack, by the way – we’ll have it up ASAP.)

Hands on with Psyko’s novel and innovative headphones

We heard about Psyko a few days ago, and they won accolades for innovation, producing a pair of surround-sound headphones that’s using a totally different kind of technology. Essentially the sound is produced in five separate drivers above your head, then guided down pipes to your ears. They’re untraditional in every way, and I just wish I could have tried them out in a quiet room instead of the infernal racket that is the CES show floor.

Let’s be honest, now: these are some weird-looking headphones. And a test configuration I tried with bigger plushy headpads looked even more so. But first of all, who really cares? You’re not wearing these to the ball, Cinderella. And second, they felt incredibly light and comfortable. Like, you won’t believe how light they are. I’ve been reviewing a really nice but quite heavy pair of Ultrasones for a while, and this is a breath of fresh air. Speaking of which, the ear bits are vented — the mechanism is a bit budget (I don’t think you can take the flap off completely), but while we’re being honest we can talk about how our ears get all sweaty.

I’ll definitely be getting a pair of these to review in case you’re skeptical, so I can give you the whole story.

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New iTouchless faucet and trash can: Wow wee woo woo!

Ahoy, space ninjas! We present to you the iTouchless Trashcan SX, a space saving version of my favorite trash can in the world. This model has a lid that folds in on itself instead of flipping up, ensuring you don’t get your hand smacked by the trash can lid.

They also have a new touchless faucet that turns on when you wave your hand under it, just like at the airport. I love this iTouchless stuff – we have two cans we bought at Costco right now – and it’s great that the coolest thing I’ve seen so far is a mechanical trash can.