Unifi reach my office

  • I just received a UniFi brochure in my mailbox, Unifi now can can be installed in my office area. With tag line,Experience the new Era of Digital lifestyle. High Speeds Broadband up to 20 Mbps. Plus you also will received FREE unlimited Edition England T-shirt if you register early.
  • Currently my office using Streamyx 1Mbps for about 8 PC and laptop. Monthly our phone and broadband bills around RM 300. Maybe its a good idea to change to UniFi. I will promote this to my boss.


# 3 Residential Packages :

  1. VIP 5 – RM 149 per month
  2. VIP 10 – RM 199 per month
  3. VIP 20 – RM 249 per month

Few things that probably you missed out :

  1. All UniFi packages are subject to a 24 months contract period. Meaning you have to obey the contract.

  2. All packages offered will be subject to a monthly download volume. It is not introduce yet but will affect your download your download usage.

  3. Customer will enjoy FREE subscription of UniFi package until 30th June 2010.

  4. NO installation & acativation fees

  5. NO equipment charges

  6. NO deposit

  7. Enjoy HyppTV . Except no Sport channel is offered. If not this will compete with ASTRO for sure.

  8. FREE calls to TM fixed line and 10 sen per minute to all mobile carrier.