New Promotion by TM: UniFi Lite 10Mbps RM99

If you want to subscribe to UniFi, there is a new promotion by TM: UniFi Lite 10 Mbps that cost only RM99.

Previous promotion will cost RM129 for Unifi and Hypptv with the same name Unifi Lite.

Promotion is valid till the end of this year, December 2017.

But according to TMConnect, it will only offer at a certain area. We are not sure yet which area.

Upload speed will be 5Mbps and download speed will be 10Mbps

A lot of new users a bit dissatisfied because some of them just sign up for the old promotional package.

TM as a leading internet highspeed provider has made a good choice to encourage higher internet penetration in a rural area. With lot of new promotion, maybe more internet service provider will come out with a new campaign to attract new customer.

Opps, it turn out TM will put on hold this latest promotion of RM99 UniFi Lite.

But rumours spread out, that they will announce it after Budget 2018 by Prime Minister. Well as long as its good for the ‘rakyat’. Just wait and see.