No More Free CelcomWifi after 16 May 2017

Celcom announced that starting 16 May 2017, the unlimited complimentary Celcom WiFiPlus will no longer be available.


This move will affect existing Celcom client mostly from FIRST™ Gold, FIRST™ Blue, FIRST™ Elite, FIRST™ Basic 85 & FIRST™ Basic 38.

Before this Celcom user can connect to Celcom WiFiPlus within Celcom territory
at various hotspots in public places such as cafe and shop along the streets.

Celcom did not stated reason behind the action, but I believe Celcom will introduce new service for its loyal customer.

4 Reasons You Cannot Access WiFiPlus

Let say you are within WiFiPlus coverage area, but still you cannot get access WiFiPlus. There might be a few reasons why you may have a problem accessing WiFiPlus.
i. Maybe You Are Not within WiFiPlus Zone area or receive poor coverage.

• Solution :  Check carefully if you are in within Wifiplus zone area. You can refer to WiFiPlus Celcom Zone.

On your device, please scan WiFi network manually to find CelcomWiFi+ .

nowifi2ii. Maybe Your WiFi  network connection setting on your smartphone is disabled.

 • Solution : Please enable WiFi connection on your device settings.

iii. You are  connected to other WiFi Network

 • Solution : Please check you are correctly connected to CelcomWiFi+ in your wireless network setting. If it is incorrect, please select CelcomWiFi+ to connect.

iv. You are Within WiFiPlus Zone area, but CelcomWiFi+ is not visible.

• Solution : Try to restart you phone. If problem still continue, the problem may be caused by hardware failure. Please call to Celcom Customer Service 1300111000 for further assistance.

New Celcom Business Plan Up to 1TB

Good news for business owner who want to save for phone bills for their staff. New business plan by Celcom will save you from headache. I used to get phone allowance for RM150 per month and  have to answer office/boss call even after office hours.


 Celcom Business have three plans.

  1. Celcom Business S  – 100 GB Internet – Unlimited Calls & SMS (to all networks) – 5 Complimentary lines Only for RM 490 per month
  2. Celcom Business M  – 550 GB Internet – Unlimited Calls & SMS (to all networks) – 25 Complimentary lines Only for RM 2300 per month
  3. Celcom Business L  – 1.1 TB Internet – Unlimited Calls & SMS (to all networks) – 50 Complimentary lines Only for RM490 per month
Celcom Business Plan 2017

Celcom Business Plan 2017

 These plans are quite straightforward. For small company, i think 5 lines with 100 GB internet should be enough. Nowadays, user prioritized internet and coverage.

I think it is wise also to use Celcom business Plan for your family. Average RM100 per line for 20GB. The choice is yours. If your family like to download movie, streaming video, upload thousand of selfie pictures to the instagram. Believe me, this plan is for you.

For business owner who wants to add one more line. You can add RM 70 per line with extra 5GB internet. If you want to add one more line but just to share internet only. Come on, 100 GB internet for 5 persons is too much. Who download movie using office internet haha. You can do so by add RM 20 per line.

Unlimited calls and SMS features seem to be attractive. But who text nowdays. With Whatsapp you can even video call. I remember once, I use Whatsapp to communicate with my technical vendor in Franc to help me repair equipment on ship.

Please refer Celcom for more info.

How to Change Your Celcom WiFiPlus Password?


Remembering password is a hard thing to do. You have to remember your email password, facebook password and even your ATM card pin number. In case you want to change your Celcom WiFi Plus password to your favorite password. There are 2 methods.  Online and SMS.

1. Online via WiFiPlus Landing Page (under WiFiPlus connection)

Make sure you computer/smartphone connected to Celcom WiFiPlus so that you can browse to WiFiPlus landing page.

Step 1: Once you are on the landing page, click to menu ‘Manage Your Account’

Step 2: Key in your existing Username and Password. Click Login.

Step 3: Click ‘Change Password’

Step 4: Key in your old password, new password and retype password. Click ‘Change My Password’

* Note: If you are unable to get to the Landing Page, please type the URL manually at your browser. The URL is:

2. SMS

If you prefer SMS, make sure your password not more than 6 characters. If not you have to change it online at ‘Manage My Account’

Type WIFI RESETPW and send to 22188.

3. Celcom Customer Service

However if you want to reset your password and like to call Celcom Customer Service. You can do so.

111 from Celcom numbers ( FREE)
019-601 1111 from Celcom numbers, fixed lines and other mobile operators
+6019-601 1111 if you are abroad

Celcom Customer Service will reset your password and you will received an auto generated password via SMS.

How to Check Celcom Wifi Plus Zone

As we know WiFi internet connection is the best connection speed that we love to have. Celcom now offered WiFiPlus, a wireless Internet facility to all new/existing Celcom customers. With WiFiPlus, subscribers can get hassle-free WiFi service at selected public areas such as airport, shopping malls, public transportation centers, hotels, cafes and many other places.

All you need to subscribe to Celcom WiFi Plus : A wireless enabled device (laptop, tablet, smartphone) A valid WiFiPlus account To be in range of a WiFiPlus Zone

How to Subscribe to Celcom WiFi Plus

Step 1: SMS ‘ON WIFI’ sent to 22188
Step 2:  Select your preferred Wifi usage (‘WIFI DAILY’/ ‘WIFI WEEKLY’ / ‘WIFI MONTHLY’) and reply ‘WIFI YES’
Step 3: You’ll receive your WiFiPlus ID and Password
Step 4: You can start enjoying your WiFiPlus service

Celcom WiFi Plus Packages

WiFiPlus Packages ( Volume) Price
Daily (500 MB) RM 2
Weekly (2 GB) RM 8
Monthly (4 GB) RM 18
*WiFiPlus speed will be automatically throttled to 128 kbps once the volume assigned for WiFi is fully utilised.

How to Connect/Login to Celcom WiFi Plus

Step 1: Go to any WiFiPlus Zone.
Step 2: Turn on/enable Wireless Network Connection on your device.
Step 3: Select CelcomWiFi+
Step 4: Open internet browser
Step 5: Key in your WiFiPlus ID & Password at the login page, Click ‘Login’
Step 6: Successfully connected to Internet.
*You will need to key in your WiFiPlus ID and Password one time only through the login page as long as you are using the same device and the account is still active.


In order to ensure that you receive a safe, reliable and robust service, WiFiPlus encrypts your account details at login. We also advise you to make sure have up to date firewall and anti-virus software to protect against any attacks and which protects your data from being intercepted. You will find the option to disable cookies via your internet browser options. Note however that some web sites may not support this function.

WiFiPlus Zone is a designated area where customers who have valid WiFiPlus accounts can get connected to the service.

You can find WiFiPlus Zones here



You can enjoy FREE WiFiPlus if:

  • You are a Postpaid Customer with complimentary WiFiPlus (FIRST Elite/FIRST Gold/FIRST Blue/FIRST Basic 85/FIRST Basic 38)
  •  You subscribe to any Celcom Mobile Internet plans that offers complimentary WiFiPlus.

Celcom XPAX Turbo offers more than MagicSIM

Celcom has introduce new prepaid called XPAX Turbo to replace MagicSIM prepaid. XPAX Turbo comes with more data for FB and Youtube. You can get 10GB of Burung Hantu (off-peak) data usage each month. So between 1AM to 7AM, you can 10GB off-peak usage within 30 days. In short you will get to enjoy 333MB per night.

XPAX Turbo also gives you additional free data quota for FB and Youtube. But you need to subscribe to a data plan from RM5/3days to RM80/month.
But the FB and Youtube data are not unlimited. The quota varies depending on plan that you subscribe.

Internet Plans


For RM5/day, you will get 200MB of high-speed plus 100MB for FB usage for 3 days.

For Rm10/week, you will get 600MB of high speed data and 600MB of FB quota plus 300MB for Youtube.

For RM30month, you will get 2GB of high speed internet, 1GB extra for FB and Youtube

If 2GB is not enough, let say you like to download movie and watch movie online maybe you can try RM50/month and get 5GB of high speed data, 2GB Facebook and 2GB Youtube.

You can also get more data with RM80/month. You will get 9GB data, 3GB Facebook and 3GB Youtube. If you love to download movie, then 9GB will get you 9 movie with 1080p. 🙂

XPAX Turbo

You should know that XPAX Turbo is much better than MagicSIM in term of data offering.
Plus Celcom is not splitting any weekdays or weekend data quota
With XPAX Turbo you also can get fee unlimited music with Yonder Music app.

In case you are interested to buy XPAX Turbo, it cost RM10 and bundled with RM6 preloaded airtime and 200MB high-speed internet that is only valid for 7days.

Voice calls are charged at 24sen/minute while 12sen perSMS.

If you are XPAX Customer and want to migrate to XPAX Turbo. All you got to do is send MIG XPAX to 28882. If you have XPAX app, you use it to change to XPAX Turbo.

Celcom will charge you only RM2 fee for procession fee.
For more info, you can visit XPAX Turbo product page.