50Mbps WiFi Internet Speed On Board Emirates by 2020


Usually, when are onboard flight, the internet is limited and you will be disconnected from outside world.  You just can watch a movie or read your favourite book.

Well, With the latest technology by Thales and Inmarsat you can have fast internet onboard. You can check email, upload your video and message your loved ones. Long haul flight will not be boring anymore.

Emirates Airlines sign new agreement with Thales and Inmarsat

Emirates Airlines will improve its internet onboard connectivity by partnering with Thales to use latest Inmarsat Global Express or IGX.

With IGX aviation broadband satellite technology, it can provide WiFi speed up to 50Mbps.

Emirates plans to install IGX to 165 aircraft Boeing 777x that its currently have. Plus 150 aircraft Boeing 777x on order. The installation will start by 2020.

According to Emirates, it has spent 200 million on onboard connectivity and serves around 800000 passengers. Currently, Emirates
provide unlimited free internet for its First Class and Business class passengers.

For Economy passenger, first 20MB data will be free. Next additional data will come with a payment plan.

According to INMARSAT, the IGX Aviation broadband service is a new technology that can match up internet speed on land.

“GX Aviation is the world’s first in-flight connectivity solution with seamless, reliable high- speed global coverage provided by a single operator,” Inmarsat said.

“It is the only service in the market that guarantees minimum data rates, ensuring that airline passengers can browse the internet, stream videos, check social media, and more during flights.”

Switch off for take-off and landing

Hopefully, by 2020, all big airlines will have high-speed internet connectivity onboard with a cheaper payment plan. So that we can feel connected to the world. Isn’t  that what Marck Zuckerberg is doing, getting all people in the world connected to the internet.

Just remember to switch off your mobile and iPad for take-off and landing. ;)\

Source: ZDNet

Optimise Streamyx and Unifi with TM Wifi Optimiser Tool

Good news for Streamyx and Unifi user who always complain about WiFi broadband speed is slow. TM just launched a new apps tool specially designed to optimise  wifi connection. As we know,  It can be a headache for a non technical streamyx user to manage Unifi WiFi connection. Especially when connection is slow and you always blaming someone is hacking into  your network.

App Features

TM WiFi Optimizer Tool is an easy tool to scan, analyse and optimise your WiFi network .

  1.  Analyse your WiFi performance.
  2.  Easily and quickly switch WiFi channels to boost your WiFi performance.
  3.  Get it done under in 30 seconds!
  4.  Detailed report of your WiFi network.
  5.  See the number of WiFi networks in your area.
  6. Check if your WiFi channel is congested.
  7.  See how many devices are connected to your network.

How To Optimise WiFi Channel

  • Download and install the TM WiFi Optimiser Tool at Google Play.
  •  Connect your smartphone to your Unifi/Streamyx WiFi.
  •  Open TM WiFi Optimiser App and tap WiFi Scan to get quick diagnosis of your network.


WiFI Scan

  • The app will show analysis of your WiFi network and how many device connected to your router.
  •  If you get 5 star, then you WiFi connection is already optimised and already on the best channel.


  •  In case you get poor result. WiFi Optimizer Tool will provide a few recommendation to improve your WiFi network


  • Base on the recommendation above, you have to switch channel in order to optimise your WiFi Network. This is normal especially if you live in an apartment or crowded neighbourhood. Majority of houses will be using Unifi. By default, Unifi and Streamyx network router usually use channel 11. This will cause major traffic jam or poor WiFi performance.
  •  Just click the button “Switch Channel” to change to Channel 1.


  •  You need to enter your router setting and enter router username and router password. If you did not change anything before this. By default the username for TM Unifi/Streamyx : admin . Password is blank. Just click “Sign In” after enter username. If incorrect, you have to check at your router, usually installer will write on the router. If not you have to call TM helpline.


  •   After successfully log in to your router, WiFi Tool Optimiser will automatically change your channel. You can rescan to check again your WiFi ratings.



  • This tool is still in BETA version, so a lot of upgrade , bug fixes and features will be coming in future. Hopefully, in future TM can add features like block unknown device that connected to your router and  change DNS.
  • In case you are not using TM Streamyx or Unifi but still want to optimise your WiFi Network, there are free tools that you can install on your PC that can scan and analyse your WiFi network. Use this tools to analyse your WiFi Network, check your WiFi Channel, if it is congested, then change it to other free or less congested channel through your router.

1.Lizard Wifi Scanner [Window| Free ]


Wi-Fi Scanner is easy to use, scan for and analyze 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless networks. Wi-Fi Scanner also can easily locate visible wireless networks and its corresponding information. The tool obtains the network name (SSID), signal level (RSSI), MAC address (BSSID), signal quality, channel, maximum data rate, encryption, and much more. Wi-Fi Scanner is useful for normal access point users who need to find out the signal strength distribution for their wireless network at home, or choose a position for their access point for optimal signal quality. Using Wi-Fi Scanner, you can evaluate the allocation of wireless networks by channel and select the least congested bandwidth for their access point, allowing them to increase their connection speed significantly.

2. NetSurveyor  [Window| Free ]


NetSurveyor is an 802.11 (WiFi) network discovery tool that gathers information about nearby wireless access points in real time and displays it in useful ways.  Similar in purpose to NetStumbler, it includes many more features. The data is displayed using a variety of different diagnostic views and charts.  Data can be recorded for extended periods and played-back at a later date/time.

Source : Amanz Abu Habib 

How To Reduce Mobile Data Usage

As we all know, more and more Android application requires a lot of mobile data network, and more data means more money. Mobile data is either charged per MB use, or added in as part of your monthly payment.  There will be a certain limit cap included in your plan. There are however, a few tips that you can save your mobile data network.


Maintain Your Cache / Preload Data

There is an argument for emptying the browser cache (and the cache of other apps) to help keep your Android smart phone running smoothly. The cache is a component that stores data ready for use. When that data is requested again, by the browser for example, having it in the cache means than it can be provided faster and without requiring it to be fetched from the web server where it was originally held. Emptying the cache will free up internal memory space on the device and help the whole system to run slightly better.

However, if you are trying to reduce data usage, leaving the browser cache intact has obvious benefits. If he browser doest not have to fetch images and other components of regularly used websites, it does not have to use so much of your bandwidth quota. Task managers and cleaning utilities often clean the cache, so if you have one installed, add your browser to the exclude list.

You also can save an area in Google Maps for offline use? Open up your the Google Maps app when connected to Wireless Network and select the area you want to save. Then select Menu > Make available offline or go to Maps > My Places > Offline and click New offline map before selecting the area you want. You can also review your offline maps via Maps > My Places > Offline.

Choose the Mobile Version

Increasingly, website have both full and mobile versions available. This is particularly true for large, popular websites such as Amazon, E bay, Facebook and Youtube. Many website will automatically display the mobile version, but some will will give you the option to choose. The mobile version of a website is designed to be quicker to load and use less data to do so, so it make sense to choose the mobile version if you are trying to conserve data usage.

Aside from difference in layout and content, you can normally tell if a website is running he mobile version by the “m” in the url (some website will display mobile or mobile web instead). You can also check by scrolling to the bottom of the page and check to see if there is a link to the Full or Mobile version. Stick to the mobile version whenever possible and your data usage will be reduced.

Lightweight Browser

There are several browsers that are designed for use with slower data connections. This means that they are optimised to need less data and therefore will use up less of your quota.

Opera Mini

Price : Free

Opera mini  uses only a tenth of the bandwidth of other browsers, compressing webpages by up to 90%. With Opera Mobile, turning on Opera Turbo compresses data by up to 80%, or leave Opera Turbo off to get full website data, as you would on a PC. Opera’s speed and efficient controls put it ahead of many other comparable browsers. Surf the web on your mobile as easily as on a desktop computer and reduce data costs by up to 90% with the uniques compression technology.

TextOnly Browsers

Price : Free

TetxOnly is a browsers/reader which can reduce data usage by 80-90% by displaying only readable content form webapges. It strips unwanted content like ads, scripts and images, displaying only the readable text. Supports multiple modes of reading (RSS, Links or Normal) and works on a estimated 90% of websites


U MOBILE Offering 6 Months USB Broadband for RM254

Do you want to have a USB Broadband Modem? U Mobile is throwing a special promo for 1 week , offering its 7.2Mbps USB Broadband Modem with six months of MB68 unlimited data plan for only RM254.

You will get to enjoy up to 5GB of data with the MB68 plan worth RM408 (RM68/month). Additionally, the price of the modem, according to the price on U Mobile’s page, is worth RM100, so you get to save 50% with this offer. This is a pretty good deal which calculates to only RM42.30/month. It easy to grab this offer. It is available on the telco’s Facebook page, all you have to do is “like” the deal.

A couple of months ago, U Mobile also gave out a similar offer which allowed consumers to purchase the same USB modem along worth 30 days of internet access. Visit U Mobile’s Facebook Page for more details about the Like the Deals App offer. The deal is already active, so you have approximately 7 days left to sign up for it and purchase at any of the 10 different U Mobile Service Centers listed. Other fine prints includes: it’s a limited offer for the first 200 signup’s only, redemption period will start next year, and you can only purchase one deal.


Celcom Broadband Prepaid is in town

What is Celcom Broadband Prepaid

Celcom Broadband Prepaid is like a normal 3G services that brings you a high speed mobile Internet access with no monthly commitment.So no montly bill in fact with Celcom Broadband, whether you’re at home or away, you get:

• The WIDEST and FASTEST Mobile Internet Service in Malaysia.
•  Hassle free. No registration needed.
•  Affordable. At only RM20 per week for Internet access with no ?xed monthly charges.

  • Startup package is only RM 25

Note: Being a pure DATA service, Celcom Broadband PrepaidTM provides Internet  access only. Other Services such as SMS, Voice and Video calls are blocked.  Only SMS to short-code is allowed.

Your Celcom Broadband PrepaidTM SIM card comes pre-loaded with RM20 credit and an 8-digit Personal Unblocking Key (PUK). Just SMS to subscribe to any of our Daily or Weekly plans and you’re ready to get connected. Note: You can set a Personal Identi?  cation Number (PIN) for added security.

How To Activate Celcom Broadband Prepaid

Before you start using your Celcom Broadband Prepaid SIM card for the ?rst time, you need to activate your SIM card.
To activate your SIM card:
The system will send a noti?cation message con?rming your activation status. Now your Celcom Broadband PrepaidTM SIM
card is ready for use. (more…)