Usually, when are onboard flight, the internet is limited and you will be disconnected from outside world.  You just can watch a movie or read your favourite book.

Well, With the latest technology by Thales and Inmarsat you can have fast internet onboard. You can check email, upload your video and message your loved ones. Long haul flight will not be boring anymore.

Emirates Airlines sign new agreement with Thales and Inmarsat

Emirates Airlines will improve its internet onboard connectivity by partnering with Thales to use latest Inmarsat Global Express or IGX.

With IGX aviation broadband satellite technology, it can provide WiFi speed up to 50Mbps.

Emirates plans to install IGX to 165 aircraft Boeing 777x that its currently have. Plus 150 aircraft Boeing 777x on order. The installation will start by 2020.

According to Emirates, it has spent 200 million on onboard connectivity and serves around 800000 passengers. Currently, Emirates
provide unlimited free internet for its First Class and Business class passengers.

For Economy passenger, first 20MB data will be free. Next additional data will come with a payment plan.

According to INMARSAT, the IGX Aviation broadband service is a new technology that can match up internet speed on land.

“GX Aviation is the world’s first in-flight connectivity solution with seamless, reliable high- speed global coverage provided by a single operator,” Inmarsat said.

“It is the only service in the market that guarantees minimum data rates, ensuring that airline passengers can browse the internet, stream videos, check social media, and more during flights.”

Switch off for take-off and landing

Hopefully, by 2020, all big airlines will have high-speed internet connectivity onboard with a cheaper payment plan. So that we can feel connected to the world. Isn’t  that what Marck Zuckerberg is doing, getting all people in the world connected to the internet.

Just remember to switch off your mobile and iPad for take-off and landing. ;)\

Source: ZDNet