Sometime ago, setting a Wireless Network is quite complicated and user need to be able to configure IP address and etc. Now, its pretty simple to set up a Wireless Network. You need a Broadband Wireless Router, Broadband Modem and a Laptop or Desktop Computer.

Connect the Internet port to the Wireless Broadband Router then connect any free LAN ports to the laptop or desktop for configuration using Ethernet cable.

There are 2 types of Wireless Router :

  1. Wireless G (or 802.11g) – Offer fairly good WiFi Signal
  2. Wireless N (or 801.11n)- Better signal strength and higher data transfer speed


Signal Strength Varies

One problem that usual occurs with Wireless Router is that the signal strength will degrade when distance between your laptop or Desktop and router increase. For example, you have many brick walls or your computer or laptop located on a different floor than the router. If your wireless signal weak than your Internet speed will degrade too.

Tips to Boost the WiFi Signal Strength

If you too have a problem getting Wi-Fi signals in every corner of your house, here are some tips (and accessories) to help you extend the range of your wireless network.

1. Adding a  home-made reflector behind the antenna of your router is a good way to focus the signal to a certain angle. Since most routers have omni-directional and emit wireless signals in all directional like a light bulb.

2. One free utility that you can use is  InSSIDer, it will help you to analyse your wireless network strength around the house. Use your laptop and InSSIDer by walking around the house and rooms to check the wireless strength. By using this information, you can find the best position to place your Wireless Router and your desktop table that will suite everybody in your house.

3. Make sure the Wireless Router location is not placed near something metallic like window grills, or mirrors as they can weaken and reflect the wireless signal. It would be great to place the router at a height in some central location and away from other cordless devices.

4. Using a booster antenna is a good option if you want to broadcast your Internet WiFi especially in your office, large premises, or restaurant  that will keep everybody happy.

5. Another good option is to use WiFi Repeater also known as Wireless-G Range Expander . It will expand your wireless coverage without using any cable. The WiFi Repeater should be placed within the Wireless network of your existing router and it will expand and improve your network. This option is suitable to improve Wireless Network on your room and other areas that have poor reception.

Good Luck on improving your Wi Fi Signal..