How many time have you forgotten your wife birthday or wedding anniversary ? Sure your wife get so upset about it. Or forgot about an important meeting. Even if you already add in the event in your laptop calendar or hand phone you will tend to miss it. Because usually you will forget to check it. If this case always happen to you then Google Calendar is your answer. Why Google Calendar ?

1. You can easily  schedule appointments, meeting or save important dates like anniversary and birthdays. Especially your wife birthday, never ever forget it

2.You can set to get notification from sms or email for FREE

How :

a. Click Setting on your Google calendar window

b. Click Mobile Setup


c. Enter your mobile number

d. Then you will receive verification sms to your mobile. Enter your verification number on the mobile setup page.

e. That’s all, you will receive your notification sms for all your event.

3. You can overlay other source of calendar such as your friend, Public holidays in your country, sport fixture . You will never miss you favorite team match day.


How to susbcribe  :

a. Click Setting on your Google calendar window

b. At calendar setting click calendar

c. Browse interesting calendar

d. It will show Holidays and Sport, subscribe to your favorite team and country holidays


4.  You can also integrate your email Thunderbird with Google calendar. Easy update on your pc or laptop.

calndar with google

How to integrate Thunderbird with Google Calendar :

1. Open your Thunderbird mail

2. First install Add on for  Lightning

3. Then install Add on Provider for Google Calendar

4. Click File, New..> Calendar…> On the Network ….> Google Calendar

5. Paste the private address on the box

How to get the private adress :

i. Go to your Google Calendar

ii. Click Setting and go to Calendars

iii. Click on your calendar name

iv. Scroll down you will see your  Private Address.

v. Click your XML icon in green, copy the link

6. Thats all, you have successfully synchronize your Google Calendar with Thunderbird Mail.

Every time you add event on Google Calendar or Thunderbird, both calendar will have it.

5. You also  can view your Calendar using your mobile device. I always use this feature during outstation. When I am way from my pc/laptop.

How to view in your mobile:

1. Go to on your mobile device

2. Click Google calendar

3. You will have your mobile Google Calendar look like this :


Hope this will help you to organise your daily life and events. Good Luck.:)