by Rhonda White

5 Creative Ways to Promote your Affiliate Website.


1. Get Obsessive with Local Marketing

Local advertising is not the most popular way to promote your affiliate programs, but yet it’s still a productive means of getting the word out. First of all, buy a short, memorable domain name related to the topic of your affiliate site. Use this domain name for local marketing on your vehicle, business cards, return address labels, with your handwritten signature, etc. Get a little creative and place it on wearable items too. Visit and start creating your own apron, tshirts, bumper stickers, keychains, mousepads and more.

2. Use the Products and Services Wholeheartedly

If your spending alot of time promoting for one particular company that offers tangible products, get a few of the products to show off. Use the products and brag about what qualities that you like best. Many of us are natural sales people. We often buy products or use services from particular companies because a friend or relative made a wonderful recommendation. There are many companies that should pay my husband commission. And they probably would if they only knew how much he talks and brags about their products! By the way, your kids can get in on the action too. They make great little sales people. Their enthusiasm shines through and their honesty about their likes and dislikes is often admirable.

3. Write a Fictomercial defines Fictomercial as “a work of fiction in which a company pays the writer to incorporate the company’s products into the story.” It’s a new trend that’s gaining popularity. If you have a knack for writing fictional stories, you may want to try your hand at creating a few interesting stories to draw attention to your products or services that you’re promoting. The movie industry has already gained momentum on this sort of advertising. I can already think of numerous movies that have included some “dot com” promotions. Of course, the trick is going to be a matter of integrating your promotion delicately as possible without seeming like a big commercial interruption in the middle of your story. If you have a gift for writing, you might want to take a shot at optimizing this new trend.

4. Use that Answering Machine

These nice little inventions really don’t get used quite enough. “Please leave a message right after the beep” could really use some creativity and much improvement. Most of us seem to enjoy the funny messages we hear on message machines, in fact, we remember them for quite awhile and even chat to our friends about it. If you have a great sense of humor, why not come up with a really quirky message that will entertain and make a lasting impression…and sneak in a little free advertising too. Don’t forget to take advantage of your voicemail message,too. We pay enough for those cell phones, we might as well get some extra advertising out of them.

5. Donate Some Old Books

This is a promotion you may have not heard stated before. But, I like the idea, so I’m going to share it. Do you have some books that you need to get rid of? Take some book labels with your domain name and a short catchy quote written on them and stick them inside the covers. Donate these to your local thrift stores. Even if people do not buy a book, they often browse through them. I’ve often seen business cards stuck in books at the library, but book labels stuck inside used books might be there to stay for quite awhile.

People often like to buy used magazines at cheaper rates as well. Create or buy some address labels with just your business information on them and stick them over the address labels on your old magazines. Now, if you can just get them to your local donation center before they’re too old be news, they’ll be sure to find new homes!

As a final word, don’t try to reinvent the wheel. By all means, use popular marketing methods that have been tested and that statistically work best, but don’t be afraid to get a little creative and come up with some new ways to promote as well. It will certainly help you escape boredom and keep your mind sharp…and who knows, perhaps you will create a new advertising trend afterall.

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Article Source: WAHM Articles