by Natalie Williams

1. Open eBay and PayPal account (free)

2. Start selling things around their house to get their feet wet, build up feedback points and get experience (free, plus it MAKES you money)

3. Go to library and get books on beginning HTML, Web design (for beginners) and Creating graphics for beginners (free)
Search on the Internet for a free HTML editor (web page creator) and free graphics editor.

4. Running out of stuff to sell? Go to your local thrift shops and buy up all BRAND NAME childrens clothing for like .50-1.00 each and sell them in batches. Buy up all video games, DVD’s and even VHS if the VHS’s are priced at LESS than $2.00. List them and charge $4.50 for shipping and handling.

5. Use to print the postage and you can hide the amount of postage on the label so no one complains). This covers any packing material and your time packing and going to post office. I am TIRED of shipping cost complaints. Do these people email and compain they were charged $6.95 for something that cost them .50 to ship? Go to garage sales, buy up and resell.
(Cost – Free to open account and FREE postage to begin with plus a free scale)

6. Start making a website. I don’t care if it’s about hot dog farming. Whatever interests you, make it. (Free to create because you are doing it yourself)

7. Join affiliate programs that match and compliment the theme of your website. Insert reviews and links to these websites of the affiliate programs you joined.

8. Buy a domain name and hosting account and upload your website.
(Domain name $8.95 per year at and Hosting account $7.95 per month at or you can do both at GoDaddy. On GoDaddy, you would want the Windows/ASP plan, trust me)

Now that you have all this hosting space, you can also use it to keep your images on for your eBay listings too. Don’t nickel and dime yourself to death with their fees!!

9. Create a custom About Me page on your eBay account that introduces you and directs perople to your website (You DO know some HTML now, right?) (Cost – FREE)

10. Search out newsletters that would be good to put an ad in. Cost, about $40 for a SOLO ad which means JUST your ad goes out to 15,000-30,000 people.

11. Write an eBook on some subject. Put affiliate links in it. Give it away on your website.
Create more ebooks. Make a GREAT one and sell it.

Natalie Williams is a full time work from home mom that centers her business around helping other people, especially moms, work from home successfully and without being scammed. Her main websites can

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