Optimise Streamyx and Unifi with TM Wifi Optimiser Tool

Good news for Streamyx and Unifi user who always complain about WiFi broadband speed is slow. TM just launched a new apps tool specially designed to optimise  wifi connection. As we know,  It can be a headache for a non technical streamyx user to manage Unifi WiFi connection. Especially when connection is slow and you always […]

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No More Free CelcomWifi after 16 May 2017

Celcom announced that starting 16 May 2017, the unlimited complimentary Celcom WiFiPlus will no longer be available. This move will affect existing Celcom client mostly from FIRST™ Gold, FIRST™ Blue, FIRST™ Elite, FIRST™ Basic 85 & FIRST™ Basic 38. Before this...

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4 Reasons You Cannot Access WiFiPlus

Let say you are within WiFiPlus coverage area, but still you cannot get access WiFiPlus. There might be a few reasons why you may have a problem accessing WiFiPlus. i. Maybe You Are Not within WiFiPlus Zone area or receive poor coverage. • Solution :  Check carefully...

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New Celcom Business Plan Up to 1TB

Good news for business owner who want to save for phone bills for their staff. New business plan by Celcom will save you from headache. I used to get phone allowance for RM150 per month and have to answer office/boss call even after office hours.

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How to Change Your Celcom WiFiPlus Password?

  Remembering password is a hard thing to do. You have to remember your email password, facebook password and even your ATM card pin number. In case you want to change your Celcom WiFi Plus password to your favorite password. There are 2 methods.  Online and SMS....

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How To Check 4G LTE Coverage by MAXIS

Every Telco holder claims that their network is fastest and reliable with 4G LTE. But how  we want to check if their claims is true? 4G LTE is a two terms terminology. 4G means the 4th generation of data technology for cellular networks. LTE stands for Long Term...

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How to Check Celcom Wifi Plus Zone

As we know WiFi internet connection is the best connection speed that we love to have. Celcom now offered WiFiPlus, a wireless Internet facility to all new/existing Celcom customers. With WiFiPlus, subscribers can get hassle-free WiFi service at selected public areas...

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Celcom XPAX Turbo offers more than MagicSIM

Celcom has introduce new prepaid called XPAX Turbo to replace MagicSIM prepaid. XPAX Turbo comes with more data for FB and Youtube. You can get 10GB of Burung Hantu (off-peak) data usage each month. So between 1AM to 7AM, you can 10GB off-peak usage within 30 days. In...

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Tips to Increase Broadband Celcom Speed

Run a Speed Test : There is a few tips if your broadband internet is slow but still do not exceed your internet quota. First, check your broadband speed. You can check your internet speed by clicking "Broadband Speed Tester" You can see from the speed result if it is...

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How to Subscribe to Celcom WiFi

Speed and connectivity are things that we require nowadays especially when we are away from our house and WiFi connection. If you think your mobile internet is not sufficient, maybe Celcom WiFi can help. What is Celcom WiFi Celcom WiFi is basically a wireless Internet...

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