Give your computer a full free tune-up. Its basic aim is to fine-tune the performance of your PC, and this is done automatically for you over the internet.

This online utility runs a series of diagnostic checks on your computer to identify things that might help improve performance. The process is fully automated, private and safe.

After the diagnostics have done their job, you get a list of suggested improvement tips for your computer. As well as checking out your machine, it can also test your internet connection and can even check your computer to make sure you haven’t picked up any nasty viruses.

When you open the page, just click on New Members and you have the option of creating an account or running the tests anonymously.

If you wish to run this anonymously just click the New Members key and you will be presented with a new page. After reading the page click on ‘Let’s Go’ and you will see the a pop up on which you must click Yes to run the utility.

After the tests have run you will get a summary which will show a serious problem, a minor problem or a winner! Simply click on the flag and you are taken to a suggestion page where the Tip is in blue with a yellow dot preceding it: Click on the blue text and you will be taken to a page with information regarding your settings and recommendations to follow.

So if you are tired of seeing your PC slow down like it’s an old beat up car, run the diagnostics and turn it into a high flying machine again. Take the PC Tune-Up, not only will it make your computer worker better and faster, but it’s also FREE!

No personal information is recorded and this is a very safe utility to use.

Click here to test your PC

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