Statue dedicated to the traveller. Oviedo, Spain.Image via WikipediaDo you know that travelling alone can open you up to unique personal experience in new places.Take full advantages of these opportunities while maintaining your safety which is very important
  • Follow your usual routines that you do at home.Drink cup of coffee in the morning,take an afternoon jog,visit the market in the evening.
  • Make yourself at home by decorating you room with familiar objects,such as pictures,candles and flowers
  • Go to you favorite restaurant and bring a book,journal or material for writing letters. You might also bring a guide book or map to help plan the next part of your trip
  • Become a regular, Visit one shop consistently or have breakfast at the same cafe’ each morning, and get to know the local there
  • Meet other travellers through classes or tour groups. They can share travel tips with you and even become temporary travel companions