Dancing Lessons at a Santa Monica Italian RestaurantMarriage may be a two-way street,but that doesn’t mean you should travel in opposite directions.Experts know what steers good marriages;here are some couple-strengthening tips;Talk,but don’t talk back. Tell your partner how you feel and what you need.When you are the listener,don’t criticise,debate,dismiss or problem-solve.Recognise that your partner’s concerns are as important as yours

Be optimistic.Keep your comments positive-even when discussing problems-and make the effort to remember and appreciate the good in your relationship.

Learn to leave an argument before it’s out of control.Tactics include cracking a joke,showing appreciation and backing down

Share your dreams.And find a way to help your spouse realise his or hers.

Be flexible.When your spouse asks you to be accommodating,try.

Go on date.Couples need time as twosomes,to reconnect

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