On HoldImage by FLC via FlickrNearly 80 per cent of workers prefer e-mail to the phone.”People dreads calls because they feel like they’re on the spot,” says C. Richard Weylman, business consultant and author of “Opening Closed Doors,”But you get more attention than in an e-mail,”Here are phone manners tips:

Stand Up.Your voice will be more energetic. Some companies encourage salespeople to get off their bottoms before calling

Don’t cradle the receiver.Instead,hold it about 7 cm from your mouth,says Weylman. You’ll sound less muffled and more like you’re less muffled and more like you’re there in person.

Just talk.Don’t also open mail or type.Not only is it obvious to the other person that you’re distracted but one study found multitasking reduces the ability o listen.

Pause.If flustered,stop talking and collect yourself,says business-communications coach Judith McManus.Unlike ums and ahs, “silence projects thought fulness, not confusion.” Sharon Liao