by: Gillian Tarawhiti <span class=”style2″>AFFILIATE PROGRAMS…WHO’S REALLY MAKING THE MONEY?<br />By Gillian Tarawhiti<br />Community Training Centre<br /><br /><br />There will be a million and one affiliates out there who will tell you that the affiliate program they promote is going to be the best one for you.<br /><br />But have you considered who is really […]

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Realism vs. Optimism in the Business Plan

by: Dave Lavinsky The most important function of a business plan is to create interest among investors so that they write a check. In achieving this goal, business plan writers are often challenged by determining the proper level of optimism in their plan. That is,...

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The importance of planning

by: scott morris Are you planning to start a new business? Or are you considering expanding your current business and require a bank loan or investment from outsiders?If you are going to look for an investment of capital it is quite likely that you will be required to...

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Checklist for starting a business

by: Matt Bacak Use this comprehensive checklist to plan each step of your new business and transform your dream of entrepreneurship into reality. These steps may not necessarily be completed in the order listed; however, you can use them as a guideline for completing...

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Business Plans – What Do They Include?

by: Kevin EricksonOk... so you've finally reached that stage in the development of your home business to get started. You've done the research, you have a game plan and you're ready to go except for one small detail... you need money. Whether it comes from a loan or...

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Win cash 🙂

Another online contest for you join at MYLIBRARY, you just can resist it 🙂 As my way of thanking my readers, my blogger friends and my constant visitors, I’ll be giving away cash prizes to contest participants with the highest accumulated points across all my three...

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101 Writing Tips

by Scorpio Every sentence should make sense in isolation. Like that one. Excessive hyperbole is literally the kiss of death. ASBMAETP: Acronyms Should Be Memorable And Easy To Pronounce, and SATAN: Select Acronyms That Are Non-offensive. Finish your point on an...

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