Speed and connectivity are things that we require nowadays especially when we are away from our house and WiFi connection. If you think your mobile internet is not sufficient, maybe Celcom WiFi can help.


What is Celcom WiFi

Celcom WiFi is basically a wireless Internet access offered by Celcom to all existing Celcom Postpaid or Prepaid customers and non-existing Celcom customers at selected public places such as shopping malls, transportation hubs, hotels, food and beverage outlets or cafes. With this service, you don’t have to ask for password from mamak restaurant. Even if they provide you the password, the WiFi will be super slow or password not working.

How To Subscribe to Celcom Wifi

Step 1 : SMS ‘ON WIFI’ and send to 22188
Step 2: Select ‘WIFI DAILY’ or ‘WIFI WEEKLY’ or ‘WIFI MONTHLY’ and ‘YES’
Step 3: You’ll receive your WiFi ID (Mobile Number) and Password.

A one-off fee of RM2 for Daily package or RM8 for Weekly package, plus additional RM18 will be charged to your monthly bill.


How to Top UP Celcom WiFi ?

Step 1: SMS ‘WIFI FUP’ and send to 22188Celcom Axiata1
Step 2: Select which volume package to purchase

For Prepaid customers, fees will be deducted from the prepaid credit. For Postpaid customers, it will be charged to the monthly bill.

How to Connect to Celcom WiFi ?

It is easy as long as you ar within Celcom WiFi coverage and see the sticker, turn on your wifi on yuor phone or tablet and connect to Celcom WiFi.

Step 1: Go to any Celcom WiFi location (Check for WiFi locations at  http://www.celcom.com.my/first/wifi/coverage-areas )
Step 2: Turn on/enable Wireless Network Connection
Step 3: Select ‘CelcomWifi’ SSID and open your Web browser (IE, Mozilla, Safari)
Step 4: Key in WiFi ID & Password and click ‘Submit’
Step 5: Successfully connected to Internet

Average speed limit per user is 512kbps. Not bad
If you are with your wife or girlfriend shopping, you can always connect to faster internet and enjoy playing online game or watching YouTube.