DELL Inspiron Laptop with Maxis

DELL Inspiron Laptop with Maxis

Maxis and Dell has team up together to capture more broadband user by introducing the Dell Inspiron Mini 9 powered by Maxis Broadband. This small and sleek Mini 9 comes with built-in mobile broadband that lets you connect anytime, anywhere, within Maxis Broadband’s coverage area.

So you can surf the net, check emails and chat online without having to rely on WIFI connectivity or external modems. That’s the power of the Maxis Broadband-ready Dell Inspiron Mini 9!


• Built-in HSPA Maxis broadband modem
• Small and portable –only 8.9-inch LED display
• Lightweight – only 1.035 kg
• Internet anywhere across Maxis’ HSDPA/3G/EDGE networks

Easy Guide To Install Maxis Sim Card :

how to insert sim card in dell laptop

how to insert sim card in dell laptop

First Step,

  • Open the cover slowly by pushing the two clips to the outside.

2nd Step,

  • Slide out and remove the battery

3rd Step,

  • Insert the Maxis Sim Card into the Sim card slot