Image via WikipediaHome-based secretaries are also known as virtual assistants or personal assistants. The role of secretarial services is similar to that of personal assistants. Secretarial services have been around for many years before you ever heard the term “virtual assistant.”

Keyboarding skills, basic computer knowledge, good organizational skills, and professionalism are essential.

Secretarial services and virtual assistants are independent contractors doing contract work. Clients enjoy the flexibility of using secretarial services when required, without having to pay a regular wage and employee benefits.

Business support services are now often calling themselves virtual assistants even though their secretarial service business remains virtual unchanged. Both secretarial services and virtual assistants provide freelance services and work on jobs for clients on a per-needed basis.

A secretary becomes a virtual secretary or virtual assistant when working with long-distance clients. Virtual assistant considers themselves more experienced and may offer more specialized services.

You’ll enjoy a diversity of clients and work. Secretarial services perform routine administrative functions to businesses such as typing, data entry and miscellaneous clerical duties and tedious tasks.

Data entry is a popular service offered by secretarial service and contrary to what’s being presented as data entry programs, legitimate data entry typically consists of typing addresses and printing them on mailing labels.

Secretarial business operators and virtual assistants can provide support to businesses of all sizes ranging from sole proprietors to corporations, government agencies, private organizations, non-profit organizations, individuals and students.

Outsourcing tasks can free time and energy to build their business. Boring routine tasks are preventing business owners from growing their business. Secretarial services are in high demand by businesses having seasonal flow of work or not having enough business for hiring a full-time employee.

Working with virtual secretarial services provides many benefits to businesses:

– Allow business owners to concentrate on their business and generate income.

– Save time.

– Save money. Get office support at a fraction of the cost.

– Free up office space and equipment.

– No full-time commitment required. Only pay for the time you use secretarial services.

– Less expensive than a full time employee. You pay only for the time you use secretarial services.

– No training and temping agency fees.

A secretarial service will get a variety of small and large jobs. The services you can provide are only limited by your skills. A secretarial service provides data entry, word processing services and administrative support.

The secretarial business appeals to people who have worked as secretaries in the past, but many people who never worked in an office also operate secretarial services. They have a computer, know how to type, and want to make money at home with their computer.

The Internet has made it possible for more people to work from home today than ever before. If you possess typing skills, use them to your own advantage to become your own boss!

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