Good news for Entrecard user, you can open new site that use Entrecard by clicking two button only. Win + Z…is that simple.This tool is develop by my friend Alfred from Thank to him I don’t have to make my eyes turn yellow and orange by searching that Entrecard Box.

[ Download the script ]

Further explanation, you can read the Author itself here, since I am no programmer. HATE coding! 🙂

Here is how its done

If you mouse over any EC widget you see a URL like”Random Number”. Now EntreCard has a system that uses those last numbers to opensites registered with them. So here is a small script that open the URL with random number every time you activate it.

I think its safe to use it because JoeTech had a similar online tool which open EC sites and they told him it was OK to use it. Remember we aren’t automating anything just opening sites which have the EC widget.

I have been using it for quite sometime, I find it easy to open new site without finding the Entrecard box and click the featured site. You just click win + Z simultaneously . Again and again, it will open new site for you. If you are using Firefox, it will open in a new tab.

Simple as that! Why not try it. If you are not using Entrecard believe me you don’t have no idea what you have been missing hehe

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