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What is Celcom Broadband Prepaid

Celcom Broadband Prepaid is like a normal 3G services that brings you a high speed mobile Internet access with no monthly commitment.So no montly bill in fact with Celcom Broadband, whether you’re at home or away, you get:

• The WIDEST and FASTEST Mobile Internet Service in Malaysia.
•  Hassle free. No registration needed.
•  Affordable. At only RM20 per week for Internet access with no ?xed monthly charges.

+ Startup package is only RM 25

Note: Being a pure DATA service, Celcom Broadband PrepaidTM provides Internet  access only. Other Services such as SMS, Voice and Video calls are blocked.  Only SMS to short-code is allowed.

Your Celcom Broadband PrepaidTM SIM card comes pre-loaded with RM20 credit and an 8-digit Personal Unblocking Key (PUK). Just SMS to subscribe to any of our Daily or Weekly plans and you’re ready to get connected. Note: You can set a Personal Identi?  cation Number (PIN) for added security.

How To Activate Celcom Broadband Prepaid

Before you start using your Celcom Broadband Prepaid SIM card for the ?rst time, you need to activate your SIM card.
To activate your SIM card:
The system will send a noti?cation message con?rming your activation status. Now your Celcom Broadband PrepaidTM SIM
card is ready for use.

Choose a Celcom Broadband PrepaidTM Plan
Type “broadband activate” and
send to 28882


2 Package available

Daily Unlimited :
RM6 for 24 consecutive hours of Internet access at speeds of up to 384 Kbps

Weekly Unlimited :
RM20 for 7 consecutive days of Internet access at speeds of up to 384 Kbps

Subscribe via SMS

Daily Unlimited (24 hours)

Step 1 – To subscribe


Step 2 – To con?rm


Step 3 – Con?rmation

Note: To check on your subscription status, type “broadband status” and send to 28882.
You will receive an SMS noti?cation 1 hour prior to expiry of subscription.
The system will send a noti?cation message con?rming your subscription and RM6 will be deducted from your account
When asked for con?rmation of subscription, type  “broadband yes” and send to 28882


With Celcom Broadband PrepaidTM, you can access the Internet:
A. Directly from a mobile phone that supports 3GX(HSDPA) or 3G

B.  Using a notebook/PC + mobile phone as modem

C.  Using a notebook/PC + PCMCIA/PCI datacard as modem

D.  Using a notebook/PC + USB modem


Customer Service is online 24 hours a day.
You can contact us at:
1-300 111 000 or 1111 from your Celcom mobile
Email: careline@celcom.com.my
Website: www.celcom.com.my/broadband

9 thoughts on “Celcom Broadband Prepaid is in town

  1. Azmai08 says:

    cakaplah melayu tak faham aku

  2. Anonymous says:

    @ Azmai08

    apa yang tak faham tu ? boleh aja tanya di sini :) Chill bro

  3. Jaeluv88-tenet says:

    boleh guna cam biasa ye..taruk sim card kat usb pastu cucuk kat laptop..tapi yang sms tu sume, nati cane ek,,kalo gune kat lappy..bab tu konpius skit

  4. Anonymous says:

    klu untuk sms, software untk broadband tu mmg ada application untuk sms, so no worries

  5. Entik_kazama says:

    bulanan x ad ke?
    klw ada brpa erk?

  6. Muhammad Ridwan Jaafar says:

    bro..ade jual lg?

  7. Snkliq says:

    Ni sebenarnya sebulan berapa perlu top up supaya bleh layan internet.

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