Voicemail Attitude that you should know


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What does your outgoing message says about you? To make a good impression:
Go Slow
Talk too fast,and callers will think you’re stressed or don’t manage your time well,says Joyce Newman,president of Newman Group, a speaker-training firm.A relaxed pace shows you are calm and in control.
Ease up on the I’s.
Tons of “I” statements (“I’m not home right now”) imply you’re self centred. Better:”You” statements (“You have reached Jane”),which show that you’re considerate of others.
Pump It Up
A monotone voice can be unfriendly.Energise it:stand up and smile while leaving your message; people can hear a smile,says Newman
Keep it brief
Message longer than 20 seconds shows you’re not mindful of people’s time,says Laurie Puhn,author of Instant Persuasion : How to Change Your Words to Change Your Life. Most callers don’t care why you can’t come to the phone; they just want to leave a message.
Be cute-with a caveat.
Did you include the chorus of your favorite song? You’re a risk taker.”It says,”I’m comfortable showing everyone what I care about.”says Puhn.Just know that some callers will love it; others will loathe it.
Judy Dutton: RDYOU