Win Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with CIMB Visa Card

Samsung Note 4 as a BAIT


Special offer for CIMB Visa credit card members, you can stand a chance to win a new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 when you sign up for TM Autopay.

Do you know what is Autopay ?. TM will auto charge your CIMB Visa credit card monthly for all your TM telephone bills, TM Streamyx bill or UNIFI.

You just have to pay the full bill amount to CIMB Bank. How convenient. But if you forgot to pay your credit card bills, then there will be a big problem.

If you agree to use AutoPay with TM, you automatically be in the running to win one of the six/6 units of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 monthly. I repeat 6 not 60.

Read carefully, 6 units of Samsung Note 4 every months. Do you know how many CIMB Visa credit card holder in Malaysia that use TM services. Maybe hundred hundred thousands over 6 units Samsung Note 4

mm so the probability …your chance to win the Samsung Note 4 is absolutely impossible. Maybe you are lucky, who knows 🙂

But i like the idea of using smart phone as a bait to gain new customer. Smart phone is a must nowadays, you can live without a computer or laptop but not without smart phone.

Using Note 4 as a prize even though winning chances is slim is a big marketing strategy and good promotion.

Personally I don’t think 6 is enough, why don’t CIMB, Visa or TM make it 10 at least. At least user feel that they have a chances.

How to participate:

Step 1 : Sign up for Autopay with any CIMB Visa credit cards:

  • Submit an Autopay form with your CIMB Visa card details at any TMpoint Centres;
  • or fax at 03-2241 1670;
  • or submit online @;
  • or through TM Call Centres @ 100 for Streamyx users or 1 300 881 221 for Unifi users.

Step 2 : Wait for TM call and answer 2 simple questions correctly to win!

Terms & Conditions

  • Payment must be made with a CIMB Visa credit cards only.
  • Each contestant is entitled to one (1) entry for every successful TM Autopay registration with CIMB Visa credit card along with the submission of a completed contest entry.
  • Entry is based on the month which the contestant has successfully registered for TM Autopay.
  • Each contestant is eligible to win only one (1) prize throughout the contest period.