Opera Mini on N95

Opera Mini on N95

The best mobile browser for me is non other than Opera Mini.Fast and Easy browsing are the key factor that I am searching in a mobile browser.

Screenshot0001How to install

Just point your default mobile browser to m.opera.com. Download according to your mobile model either Nokia, Blackberry or Iphone.Just follow the easy step.

 Screenshot0002As you can see, its like browsing internet on your pc or laptop. You have thumbnails bookmarks and tab browsing with Opera Mini Browser. You can also save your password and set your download folder. The user interface is smart and easy to use.


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Share 3G with Mobile Broadband Router

Share 3G with Mobile Broadband Router

I dont know about you, but being able to get online on the internet where ever you go is the current thrend rite now. No matter you are on the bus, at the beach or at the rural area as long as you get a 3G connection than you facebook is on your hand.

This 2010 will be the year of mobile broadband.Google and Microsoft will focus on mobile application to attract new user to stick with their products.




Cradlepoint has introduce a mobile brandband router that is cheap and user friendly. Its a plugin stuff, simply connect and use USB connection.More importantly, its small and easy to carry. So you can show to your friend how up to date you are.


The CTR350 Mobile Broadband Travel Router is a full-featured wireless 802.11b/g router developed to be a plug ‘n’ play solution. Simply connect an activated USB modem, plug in the CTR350 and turn the unit on. Within seconds you will have a secure WiFi network for up to 16 WiFi enabled devices. (3G Only)


About the size of a deck of cards (the smallest router in its class), the CTR350 can go with you anywhere.  Enjoy the convenience of taking WiFi with you – never search for a hotspot, pay high daily access fees, or risk a non-secure connection again. 


This high-performance router platform, powered by WiPipe™ technology, supports multiple and concurrent VPN pass-through sessions, plus encryption modes including 64/128-bit WEP, WPA and WPA2.  Additionally, built-in auto-failover keeps everyone online switching from wired to wireless broadband access in the event of a wired ISP failure.


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The Madness Sale of Windows 7

The Madness Sale of Windows 7

KUALA LUMPUR – In line with the product launch of Windows 7 operating system in the country, Microsoft (Malaysia) Sdn. Ltd. (Microsoft India) will conduct promotional price for the software system this Saturday.


Managing Director, Yasmin Mahmood said the campaign only covers Windows 7 Home Premium with discounts of 30 percent of the market sales price.
"At 7 o’clock this evening on November 7, a total of 777 Windows 7 Home Basic will be sold to the public through The Madness Sale.
"It will be held concurrently with the exhibition we are four different locations in the Low Yat Plaza here, Ikano Power Center in Petaling Jaya, Gurney Plaza (Penang) and City Square (Johor Bahru),”he said after launching the latest Microsoft software system the  Corporation here yesterday.

Also present were Chief Marketing and Operations Microsoft Malaysia, Yasir Yousuff, Director of Client Business Group Microsoft Malaysia, KT Ng, President of the National Council for the Blind Malaysia (NCBM), Datuk S. Kulasegaran, Deputy Executive Director NCBM, Moses Choo Siew Cheong.
Operating system that comes in three versions of Windows 7 Home Premium price at RM525 per unit sales market, Professional (RM855) and Ultimate (RM903).

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The New UMobile Broadband Plan

The New UMobile Broadband Plan

UMobile seen quiet lately, has introduced the latest broadband packages are among the latest yesterday. From only one package before this, now UMobile offers three broadband packages, and a package of data plan.


New packages offered by UMobile Broadband offers speeds up to 384 kbps to 3.6 mpbs. Interestingly if you are not a hardcore Internet user, you can take cheapest RM10 package which allows you to use up to 100MB of data. However, UB10 package valued at RM10 only offered to mobile users only. At the same time, UMobile Broadband also offers packages UB20 and UB40 which respectively bring the speed up to 1.0 mbps.


For using UMobile that use more than the permitted use of the data, they will be charged at the rate of use of a paltry RM0.01 per KB.

At RM 68 for laptop or mobile you can get unlimited data allowance which is the best package offered compare to other provider.

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VOIP Conference Call Technology – How You Can Benefit

VOIP Conference Call Technology – How You Can Benefit

With the help of the internet, we are given a new way of being able to communicate. We are given the opportunity to be able to hold a conference with other companies with the power of VOIP. This is the ability of being able to have conference calling over the internet.

VOIP conference calling is an inexpensive way to be able to set up a conference and talk with others around the globe. Of course, everyone involved will need to have access to the internet in order for this to be able to work. Of course, how many businesses nowadays do not have some sort of internet access at their company?

Your communications are sent by packets over the internet. You can also use this method for data and video conferencing as well. VOIP conference calling means that you can hold or attend a meeting across the globe with very minimal expense. Because this type of calling is over the internet, the only thing that you are paying for is the internet usage.

Just think of how much money you could be saving on your meetings. If the call is local, the cost is almost nothing. Even if you are using VOIP for long distance, the cost is still so minimal that you will want to have all of your distant or remote meetings using the power of VOIP.

Each company that can provide you with VOIP conference calling will offer you their own specific rate. You will find that most of them are comparable but, if you are looking for a long distance call or one that may take longer than you anticipate, you may want to go with a company that will charge a flat rate. This means that no matter how long the conference the rate will not change.


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