Do You Need A Niche? by Jenn Givler


  One of the first things you must do for your business is define your target market. I hear business owners tell me all the time that “anyone can use their products,” or “they don’t want to narrow down their customer base by excluding groups of people.” I understand that there is fear around excluding a portion of the population – you feel it’s money walking out the door. But, do you really want to try and be all things to all people? When you narrow your focus and choose a target market, you will be able to market your business more effectively.

Here are three reasons a target market will help your business operate more effectively.

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Using Free Advertising to Market Your Business

Using Free Advertising to Market Your Business by Audrey Okaneko

I believe one of the most frequently asked questions I see and hear is “how can I market my business for free?” I also often see another form of this question “how can I market my business on a strict budget?”

Your words are your best marketing tool. And your words only cost you time. I would like to share two free marketing ideas, using only your words.

Are you currently writing articles? Wait, before you quit reading this article, you started reading because the title appealed to you, so invest a few more minutes and finish reading my thoughts on how you can use your words.

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5 Creative Ways to Promote Your Affiliate Website

5 Creative Ways to Promote Your Affiliate Website

by Rhonda White

5 Creative Ways to Promote your Affiliate Website.


1. Get Obsessive with Local Marketing

Local advertising is not the most popular way to promote your affiliate programs, but yet it’s still a productive means of getting the word out. First of all, buy a short, memorable domain name related to the topic of your affiliate site. Use this domain name for local marketing on your vehicle, business cards, return address labels, with your handwritten signature, etc. Get a little creative and place it on wearable items too. Visit and start creating your own apron, tshirts, bumper stickers, keychains, mousepads and more.

2. Use the Products and Services Wholeheartedly

If your spending alot of time promoting for one particular company that offers tangible products, get a few of the products to show off. Use the products and brag about what qualities that you like best. Many of us are natural sales people. We often buy products or use services from particular companies because a friend or relative made a wonderful recommendation. There are many companies that should pay my husband commission. And they probably would if they only knew how much he talks and brags about their products! By the way, your kids can get in on the action too. They make great little sales people. Their enthusiasm shines through and their honesty about their likes and dislikes is often admirable.

3. Write a Fictomercial defines Fictomercial as “a work of fiction in which a company pays the writer to incorporate the company’s products into the story.” It’s a new trend that’s gaining popularity. If you have a knack for writing fictional stories, you may want to try your hand at creating a few interesting stories to draw attention to your products or services that you’re promoting. The movie industry has already gained momentum on this sort of advertising. I can already think of numerous movies that have included some “dot com” promotions. Of course, the trick is going to be a matter of integrating your promotion delicately as possible without seeming like a big commercial interruption in the middle of your story. If you have a gift for writing, you might want to take a shot at optimizing this new trend.

4. Use that Answering Machine

These nice little inventions really don’t get used quite enough. “Please leave a message right after the beep” could really use some creativity and much improvement. Most of us seem to enjoy the funny messages we hear on message machines, in fact, we remember them for quite awhile and even chat to our friends about it. If you have a great sense of humor, why not come up with a really quirky message that will entertain and make a lasting impression…and sneak in a little free advertising too. Don’t forget to take advantage of your voicemail message,too. We pay enough for those cell phones, we might as well get some extra advertising out of them.

5. Donate Some Old Books

This is a promotion you may have not heard stated before. But, I like the idea, so I’m going to share it. Do you have some books that you need to get rid of? Take some book labels with your domain name and a short catchy quote written on them and stick them inside the covers. Donate these to your local thrift stores. Even if people do not buy a book, they often browse through them. I’ve often seen business cards stuck in books at the library, but book labels stuck inside used books might be there to stay for quite awhile.

People often like to buy used magazines at cheaper rates as well. Create or buy some address labels with just your business information on them and stick them over the address labels on your old magazines. Now, if you can just get them to your local donation center before they’re too old be news, they’ll be sure to find new homes!

As a final word, don’t try to reinvent the wheel. By all means, use popular marketing methods that have been tested and that statistically work best, but don’t be afraid to get a little creative and come up with some new ways to promote as well. It will certainly help you escape boredom and keep your mind sharp…and who knows, perhaps you will create a new advertising trend afterall.

Rhonda White Get your Free Affiliate Marketing Ecourse at Don’t Miss Out on More Revenue Options, visit

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Marriage: 7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Break It Off

Marriage: 7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Break It Off

By Angie Lewis

In this article I have identified seven triggers in marriage that are often used for justification for divorce, but really, none of these seven things warrant divorce or provide any validation what so ever for divorce.

1. Sexless marriage.

We don’t want sex because we have lost touch with our spouse; essentially the bond that was there has been broken. When we spend too much time towards outside interests and wanting to be with friends we don’t feel like getting sexy or even having sex with our spouse!

Marriage needs attention! But we’re giving that attention to our friends. It’s true, woman usually give marriage the most attention, but we women are also more conscious of what needs our attention and consideration in the home.

Face it, we women are more aware than men, and that is why God’s specifically designed women to be in the home taking care of EVERYTHING instead of the man.

This is precisely why you should NOT break it off. You obviously need to spend more time together and get reacquainted like when you first married. You can’t do that if you are ignoring your spouse.

If your marriage is sexless or you are having sex infrequently it is time to bring romance back into the bedroom. You know what to do.

2. You constantly criticize your spouse

If we often criticize and nag it is because we are expecting too much from our spouse, and when things don’t get done at the designated time, or in the exact way we would do it, we criticize and complain.

Faults become more apparent when expectations don’t get met. We criticize our spouse because we blame them for the disarray of the marriage. We notice all their faults, feel all their faults, and live all their faults. Essentially we are living in our spouse’s faults. No wonder we constantly criticize.

We are too connected to the faults of our spouse, and so disconnected from the relationship of marriage!

Hectic schedules can often make us come across as naggy and critical. It’s because we’re so stressed out! We want things done and think if we nag about it, it will get done. We’re so busy that we don’t have time to deal with the children, chores, cooking, career, and household.

It is perfectly ok to delegate chores around the house to help lighten the load a bit. But what really needs to be done is to back off with the criticism and let our spouse be who they are.

This is all the more reason why we shouldn’t break it off. Now is the perfect time to learn to accept our spouse for the way they are and stop trying to change things that we can’t!

God certainly does not like that we criticize and disrespect who we married, and so the first action here would be to look at our self and see what it is that WE can do to change the situation to bring less negative attention towards our spouse.

3. You compare your spouse to others and you THINK your spouse never measures up.

Comparing is wrong. When you compare in a negative way you are essentially telling your spouse that they aren’t good enough for you. It can lead to a poor self-esteem in the long run and leads to peer pressure type thinking where you spouse may feel they need to continually challenge the person they are being compared to so he or she can prove they are better in some way.

But this is a fallacy of wrong thinking taking over in how you perceive your spouse to be. Everyone is different and as long as you continue to compare two people that are different, and expect him or her to be the same it will never happen. Your expectations once again will not be met and disappointment sets in.

Don’t compare your spouse to other people. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. People are beautiful in their own way.

4. You try to change your spouse and it doesn’t work.

Try this for a change. As a self help technique, have your spouse write down YOUR bad habits, and the things that irritate him or her about you. Read them, study them, and change yourself! Reality check!

5. You don’t laugh anymore and it is impossible to have a lighthearted conversation.

Couples don’t laugh anymore because of all of the above. Marriage needs attention. Marriage needs fun and games brought into it now and again. What are you waiting for?

6. You THINK you are doing all the giving.

Are you keeping score! I know, lets play Santa!

Let’s pretend we’re Santa Clause. Now lets check our list to see who has been naughty or nice. If my spouse has been nice to me this week, I will give them a present, but if they we’re naughty, just forget it.

Children all over the world are growing up understanding all about how to give conditional love, and when they get married they can treat their own spouse conditionally like Santa did to them.

“No Dear, I’m not going to have sex with you tonight, you were mean to me all day today. Maybe tomorrow, if you’re nicer to me.” Comedy shows like to depict this kind of behavior has being funny. This conditional sex-love dilemma in marriage is all about learning to give of your self even when you don’t want to.

Couples love selfishly because they do not have the knowledge to love properly. They love the way they have been taught to love. It is a conditioned and learned experience.

What is love?

It’s not lust that’s for sure! Lust frequently gets confused with love in the beginning stages of a romance and marriage, but all lust really is, is being rapt in the novelty of a new relationship that brings with it feelings of euphoria.

Lust is a sexual thing, while love is not. You can still love someone and not have sex with them.

Love sometimes takes years to develop. Love is a process of learning through your own spiritual and mental growth, and then giving of you self, whatever that might be, even when you don’t want to. It is a practice in remembering of sorts to take action in those areas in your life that are, or should be important to you.

Bottom line, love is a development of ones self through the growing process, and then learning to practice that love to those who are important to you. It is a continual growing process that you learn to develop with time.

To give is to love, and to love is to give. Giving can only come from a heart and mind that is free of selfish precedents and self-seeking based love. This involves not just surrendering sinful and selfish ways over to God, but allowing the Spiritual Christ into your heart and mind for emotional, and spiritual support.

Without God’s support in the marriage, couples are essentially utilizing their self-seeking love in the marriage, which in the long run cannot sustain a healthy and productive marriage.

7. You no longer feel good about yourself.

You don’t feel good about your self, because you do not know your self.

Low self-worth, depression and loneliness usually mean that we are not doing something in our life that we know we should be doing. We are not using all of our abilities to come to our potential. If we are living in a particular sin in our life and feel like we can’t get out, that will keep us from coming to our full potential in marriage.

Unfortunately when this happens in marriage, we tend to be overly needy with our spouse, believing that they should make us FEEL happy and good about our self.

But is that the responsibility of our spouse?

It is God that frees us from the weakness of sin. If we are living in sin, then we are not loving our self. If we don’t feel good about ourselves, we certainly cannot love others. Resent-filled hearts cannot love, it is impossible.

If we are living in our negative feelings, which many people do, we will not know the fulfillment of knowing what “real love” is.

Surrendering our guilt, resentment, angry feelings, and sin to God will free us from behaving selfishly and rebelliously toward our spouse in the marriage. Essentially it is when we let go of the hate in us that we learn to love.

Here is how it works, we give up the weakness that has been taking over our life, and we finally grow spiritually into a new person in Christ. That is when we learn to love who we are, and also loving others freely without negative feelings tearing at our flesh.

This issue is the root to all of the above issues. This is why I stress constantly in all of my articles, newsletters, and books, “to take care of your self first”.

That is the challenge most of us face on a daily basis, whether it be in our marriage or other relationships with people. If WE our in need of life, we certainly cannot give life to another.

Remember that none of these issues warrant breaking it off, they do warrant though, putting forth more effort in those areas that need our attention.

And these are the 7 reasons why you shouldn’t break it off. Your marriage needs attention!

Angie Lewis, author of new release, Journey on the Roads Less Traveled, a book about love, life and marriage.

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Understanding Why Marriages Fail Can Save Yours

Understanding Why Marriages Fail Can Save Yours

By Gregg Hall

Today about half of all marriages end in divorce with many of those not even making it to the first anniversary. We can discover the reasons these marriages failed and use that information to safeguard our own marriages. Some of the biggest issues that cause failed marriages are poor communication, arguments over financial issues, and even how and why the marriage took place to begin with.

In every relationship the ability to communicate is essential and marriage is no different. If the partners in a marriage close off to each other instead of working to resolve conflicts the problems just continue to grow larger under the surface until one or both partners explode. It is important to the success of the marriage to be able to talk to each other about dreams, hopes, and fears and feel safe about it. The bible says that “the two become one” in marriage. It is impossible for this to happen without good communication. It takes two to make a marriage work and if communication is an issue then both partners must agree to fix it.

Many couples enter into new marriages with financial problems. These problems can be anything from credit card debt to bankruptcy or even simply just not earning enough money. It is crucial that couples be honest with each other when it comes to financial matters. Almost nothing can throw cold water on a marriage faster than finding out one’s spouse has hidden major financial problems from their partner. If you don’t have a rock solid agreement to be open with each other in this area it can destroy your marriage quickly.

Another big issue is how the marriage came about in the first place. If someone feels forced into a marriage it can cause resentment that leads to the end of the marriage. For example if you get married just because of pregnancy or pressure from relatives that is not the right reason to be married. I have heard it said that you shouldn’t marry someone you can live with, but rather someone you can’t live without. I think that is a good standard to use. Ask yourself, “Can I really live without this person?”

Getting married too young can be a big factor in the failure of a marriage as well. It is far better to sow your wild oats and also get yourself straight financially than to rush into marriage in your teens or early twenties. Take the time to mature and know who you are before you try to share with someone else.


p style=”text-align: justify;”>Gregg Hall is a consultant for online and offline businesses and lives in Navarre Florida. Enhance your relationship with sexy lingerie at

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