How To Check 4G LTE Coverage by MAXIS

How To Check 4G LTE Coverage by MAXIS

Every Telco holder claims that their network is fastest and reliable with 4G LTE. But how  we want to check if their claims is true?

4G LTE is a two terms terminology. 4G means the 4th generation of data technology for cellular networks. LTE stands for Long Term Evolution, that is for high speed data network for mobile and device.

When combine together, they make the fastest 4G service available today.4G LTE is 5-10 times faster than 3G network.

MAXIS 4G LTE Coverage

In order to get the fastest network you can check online your MAXIS network coverage.

  • Go to this website MAXIS 4G LTE Coverage
  • Share your location or type location that you want to travel
  • A map will show 4G LTE and 3G network coverage.

Make sure you have 4G LTE phone and 4G simcard to enjoy the fast data streaming online.

In case you want to check Celcom network coverage you can visit this website.

For DIGI, you can go to this website.

+ DIGI 4G LTE Coverage

If you can compare the three Telcos, clearly Maxis and Celcom have most 4G LTE coverage than DIGI. So the choice is yours.

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How To Clone Your Router’s WiFi Settings to The Extender

How To Clone Your Router’s WiFi Settings to The Extender

Cloning a Router’s WiFi is quite tricky. The easiest way is to push WPS button on Router and WiFi clone button on extender.

So before you try to clone your WiFi Setting, you need to understand the WiFi logo LED blinking signal.


If your router supports WPS, you can continue with the steps below to clone its current WiFi settings to the extender.

Tips: We recommend that you plug in the extender near your router for WiFi cloning.

  1. Press the WPS button for 2 secondswireless_router
  2. Within 2 minutes, press the WiFi Clone button for 1 second. blink_slowly
  3. Just wait for ten seconds till the Wi-Fi Clone LED is blinking quickly, which means the powerline adapter has successfully completed the Wi-Fi Clone process.
  4. Done. You can move the Extender to a suitable location.solid

Note : If the WiFi LED still blinks slowly for longer than 30 seconds, unplug the Extender and plug it back in, then try again.

How to Reset your Extender ?

With the extender powered on, use a pin to press and hold the Reset button until all LEDs go off.When the Power LED turns on and the WiFi LED starts to blink rapidly, the reset process is complete.

Router without WPS Button

If your modem router do not have WPS button, you can try connect to your extender wirelessly or ethernet cable.

  1. Find the ip address for the Extender. Refer to manual or box for ip adress of the extender
  2. For Air Ties 4430, ip address is
  3. You can also get connected by WiFi, AirTies4430
  4. When connected, open browser and go to ip address provided.
  5. You will be directed to admin homepage
  6. Follow the instruction given.
  7. If clone WiFi is successful, then your extender will have green light.
  • Note : Different brand have different ip address make sure you get it right.
  • If fail, please reset your extender and try again..



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How to Check Celcom Wifi Plus Zone

How to Check Celcom Wifi Plus Zone

As we know WiFi internet connection is the best connection speed that we love to have. Celcom now offered WiFiPlus, a wireless Internet facility to all new/existing Celcom customers. With WiFiPlus, subscribers can get hassle-free WiFi service at selected public areas such as airport, shopping malls, public transportation centers, hotels, cafes and many other places.

All you need to subscribe to Celcom WiFi Plus : A wireless enabled device (laptop, tablet, smartphone) A valid WiFiPlus account To be in range of a WiFiPlus Zone

How to Subscribe to Celcom WiFi Plus

Step 1: SMS ‘ON WIFI’ sent to 22188
Step 2:  Select your preferred Wifi usage (‘WIFI DAILY’/ ‘WIFI WEEKLY’ / ‘WIFI MONTHLY’) and reply ‘WIFI YES’
Step 3: You’ll receive your WiFiPlus ID and Password
Step 4: You can start enjoying your WiFiPlus service

Celcom WiFi Plus Packages

WiFiPlus Packages ( Volume) Price
Daily (500 MB) RM 2
Weekly (2 GB) RM 8
Monthly (4 GB) RM 18
*WiFiPlus speed will be automatically throttled to 128 kbps once the volume assigned for WiFi is fully utilised.

How to Connect/Login to Celcom WiFi Plus

Step 1: Go to any WiFiPlus Zone.
Step 2: Turn on/enable Wireless Network Connection on your device.
Step 3: Select CelcomWiFi+
Step 4: Open internet browser
Step 5: Key in your WiFiPlus ID & Password at the login page, Click ‘Login’
Step 6: Successfully connected to Internet.
*You will need to key in your WiFiPlus ID and Password one time only through the login page as long as you are using the same device and the account is still active.


In order to ensure that you receive a safe, reliable and robust service, WiFiPlus encrypts your account details at login. We also advise you to make sure have up to date firewall and anti-virus software to protect against any attacks and which protects your data from being intercepted. You will find the option to disable cookies via your internet browser options. Note however that some web sites may not support this function.

WiFiPlus Zone is a designated area where customers who have valid WiFiPlus accounts can get connected to the service.

You can find WiFiPlus Zones here



You can enjoy FREE WiFiPlus if:

  • You are a Postpaid Customer with complimentary WiFiPlus (FIRST Elite/FIRST Gold/FIRST Blue/FIRST Basic 85/FIRST Basic 38)
  •  You subscribe to any Celcom Mobile Internet plans that offers complimentary WiFiPlus.

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Celcom XPAX Turbo offers more than MagicSIM

Celcom XPAX Turbo offers more than MagicSIM

Celcom has introduce new prepaid called XPAX Turbo to replace MagicSIM prepaid. XPAX Turbo comes with more data for FB and Youtube. You can get 10GB of Burung Hantu (off-peak) data usage each month. So between 1AM to 7AM, you can 10GB off-peak usage within 30 days. In short you will get to enjoy 333MB per night.

XPAX Turbo also gives you additional free data quota for FB and Youtube. But you need to subscribe to a data plan from RM5/3days to RM80/month.
But the FB and Youtube data are not unlimited. The quota varies depending on plan that you subscribe.

Internet Plans


For RM5/day, you will get 200MB of high-speed plus 100MB for FB usage for 3 days.

For Rm10/week, you will get 600MB of high speed data and 600MB of FB quota plus 300MB for Youtube.

For RM30month, you will get 2GB of high speed internet, 1GB extra for FB and Youtube

If 2GB is not enough, let say you like to download movie and watch movie online maybe you can try RM50/month and get 5GB of high speed data, 2GB Facebook and 2GB Youtube.

You can also get more data with RM80/month. You will get 9GB data, 3GB Facebook and 3GB Youtube. If you love to download movie, then 9GB will get you 9 movie with 1080p. 🙂

XPAX Turbo

You should know that XPAX Turbo is much better than MagicSIM in term of data offering.
Plus Celcom is not splitting any weekdays or weekend data quota
With XPAX Turbo you also can get fee unlimited music with Yonder Music app.

In case you are interested to buy XPAX Turbo, it cost RM10 and bundled with RM6 preloaded airtime and 200MB high-speed internet that is only valid for 7days.

Voice calls are charged at 24sen/minute while 12sen perSMS.

If you are XPAX Customer and want to migrate to XPAX Turbo. All you got to do is send MIG XPAX to 28882. If you have XPAX app, you use it to change to XPAX Turbo.

Celcom will charge you only RM2 fee for procession fee.
For more info, you can visit XPAX Turbo product page.

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Tips to Increase Broadband Celcom Speed

Tips to Increase Broadband Celcom Speed

Run a Speed Test :

  • There is a few tips if your broadband internet is slow but still do not exceed your internet quota. First, check your broadband speed. You can check your internet speed by clicking “Broadband Speed Tester”
  • You can see from the speed result if it is GPRS, 3G or HSDPA.
  • Clear your browser’s cache:
    • Internet Explorer: Tools > Click Browser History
    • Mozilla: Tools > Click Clear Recent History
  • 2nd Tip is to check whether the area you are in has 3G network coverage or not. You can check by USSD and SMS:

USSD/Direct Dial :

  • Dial *118#
  • Select Broadband
  • Select Check Broadband Coverage
  • Select Coverage at Present Location/Other Location/Via WAP


  • Type Broadband Here or Broadband <Location> and send to 21122.
  • There is no Charges for SMS:FOC
  • You will receive an SMS that will tell you, Celcom Broadband Service that available at your area as below:
    “The following coverage is available here: GPRS(Yes) 3G(Yes) HSDPA(Yes). These result are correct at the point of checking.”

additional tips :

  • Turn on and off your Broadband Modem.
  • Secure your network to prevent other from other people congested your network.
  • Update your internet browser
  • Scan your PC from unwanted virus
  • Lastly, restart your pc.

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