Wee-Fi: Bullet Train-Fi, Curve-Fi (No 3G), Minneapolis Delays

Wee-Fi: Bullet Train-Fi, Curve-Fi (No 3G), Minneapolis Delays

Japanese bullet trains will gain the Internet service originally promised in 2006: The service wasn’t delayed, but tied to new trains arriving for the Tokyo to Osaka line. The 270 km/hr line will offer Internet access over Wi-Fi, and will use leaky coax for its backhaul. Leaky coax is a kind of purposely undershielded wiring used to create a linear antenna for train lines and subway lines. WiFi Rail plans to use leaky coax to deliver Wi-Fi directly to passengers on the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system in California. NTT is handling the bullet-train service, which is expected to offer 2 Mbps downstream for from ¥500 (about US$5.50) for day pass to ¥1,680 (about $19) for monthly access.

AT&T will sell BlackBerry Curve with EDGE, Wi-Fi, no 3G: The Curve 8320’s reliance on EDGE (2.5G) allows AT&T to offer a sort of bargain BlackBerry. It’s just $150 with a two-year commitment, and the data contracts for EDGE are usually $20 per month (or less with corporate deals) instead of the $30 for 3G. AT&T will bundle its free access to its domestic hotspot footprint, as well.

Minneapolis stuck at 82 percent coverage: The city network that’s the poster child for privately owned, anchor tenanted, public access Wi-Fi can’t seem to get to its full footprint. The Minn. Star Tribune reports that the city and US Internet, which operates the network, failed to consult the park board about putting transmitters and poles on park grounds. Input is also needed from the state’s historic preservation office and local groups about the visual impact.

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Embargoes Still Honored Here–As Appropriate

Michael Arrington is planning to lie to press relations folks: Over at TechCrunch, a site I read in sick fascination, founder Arrington says that he’s tired of the inconsistency that’s resulted from embargoes, and will no longer honor them. Embargoes, delays in the release of news, are used by firms that want to have go out simultaneously about some new product or service or company change.

Reporters typically are asked if they’ll agree to an embargo and not write about a given company topic until a specific date and time. In exchange, we are typically offered briefings (one or more) with product managers and executives, sometimes provided hardware or software to test in advance, and the opportunity to reflect and write something that isn’t produced in the heat of the moment after an announcement is made.

Some people break embargoes, usually unintentionally, where a story in a content-management system is timed to go live at a given time, but the system errs or the wrong date and time is entered. I have never knowingly broken an embargo, but I have made an error a couple times in posting a story prematurely.

Arrington points out, pretty accurately, that because some PR folks are becoming a bit desperate, and are often blasting out thousands of emails about embargoed items to reporters and bloggers they don’t know, that embargoes are being broken all the time.

He notes, “…when an embargo is broken[, it] means that a news site goes early with the news despite the fact that they’ve promised not to. The benefits are clear – sites like Google News and TechMeme prioritize them first as having broken the story. Traffic and links flow in to whoever breaks an embargo first.”

I often receive emails with news that says it’s under embargo before I’ve agreed to hold the news, which isn’t kosher. I also hear more from PR folks I don’t know at all, and thus don’t know whether to trust that they will work to make other reporters and sites hold the news, too.

Frankly, as someone who is more analytical than newsy here–it’s pretty hard for me to break news, and I try to take a 35,000-foot view–embargoes aren’t quite as critical to me as I might write about a story hours or days after the news comes out.

And if it is a story that I’ve written in advance and someone else goes live, I don’t hesitate to alert the PR person, and go live with my own story. If anyone breaks the embargo, we all get to, because there’s no reason for anything to be withheld.

The only problem with Arrington’s post is that he says he’ll simply lie to press folk. I don’t lie. I’ll tell someone that they can tell me details and I’ll honor the embargo, and I will; or that they can tell me, but I’m not going to agree to the embargo, and they can choose whether or not to tell me.

Honesty is the only policy here.

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iPhone/iTouch App Review – Classics (video)

iPhone/iTouch App Review – Classics (video)

Picture 6.pngA collection of Literary masterpieces! A very cool 3D page flip, with sound, bookmarks and a cool book self to keep all your Classics! Frequent content updates! $4.99 get it from iTunes in the App store. HERE

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Top 10 Free iPhone/iTouch Apps – 01.08.09

Top 10 Free iPhone/iTouch Apps – 01.08.09

Top 10 Free iPhone/iTouch Apps – 01.08.09:

1. Rick Rocketson (Free)
Category: Games
Released: Dec 23, 2008
Yesterday’s ranking: Unchanged

2. reMovem (free)
Category: Games
Released: Jul 21, 2008
Yesterday’s ranking: 4

3. Crazy Penguin Catapult Lite
Category: Games
Released: Dec 12, 2008
Yesterday’s ranking: 2

4. Topple
Category: Games
Released: Nov 26, 2008
Yesterday’s ranking: 3

5. Backgrounds
Category: Entertainment
Released: Nov 07, 2008
Yesterday’s ranking: Unchanged

6. Paper Football
Category: Entertainment
Released: Dec 31, 2008
Yesterday’s ranking: 18

7. PAC-MAN Lite
Category: Games
Released: Oct 14, 2008
Yesterday’s ranking: 6

8. Touch Hockey: FS5 (FREE)
Category: Games
Released: Jan 03, 2009
Yesterday’s ranking: 7

9. Facebook
Category: Social Networking
Released: Jul 10, 2008
Yesterday’s ranking: 8

10. BubbleWrap
Category: Entertainment
Released: Jul 06, 2008
Yesterday’s ranking: Unchanged

(Via Top 100 Free iPhone Applications – Pinch Media)
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Ballmer’s keynote at CES…question, why is he screaming?

Ballmer’s keynote at CES…question, why is he screaming?

CES kicks off today. If you are at all interested, here is the keynote address:

“In a keynote address at the 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Microsoft Corp. Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer announced the beta availability of the Windows 7 operating system as well as the availability of the latest version of the Windows Live, a suite of personal communications services and applications.Picture 5.png

‘I’m thrilled to announce the availability of the Windows 7 beta, which is on track to deliver simplicity and reliability,’ Ballmer said. ‘Windows 7 and Windows Live are part of an incredible pipeline of consumer technology that is making it easier than ever for people to communicate, share and get more done.’”

(Get all your info HERE)
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